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women of tribe: where/how do you cruise?


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Alright, I am single success female living in Toronto. I'm smart, funny, pretty and only three of my best friends secretly hate me. I'm a fucking catch.

So where do I go to land a man? I know, I know, all those cliches about not needing a man to have happiness and be strong with myself. YEAH! I GOT THE 90's EMPOWERMENT NEWSFLASH. I want sex. And maybe not with a jackass who makes me pay for myself just once? Someone to have an intelligent conversation with over moderately priced pretentious meals and wine?

Fuck, is like every man out there a greaseball? Yes, they are. The only datable guys are fags and well... they're so faggy. NO DICE, SISTER-MISTER.

So where do I go to find a decent jerk. Where can I go in this big city that we call "Not Ottawa" to scope out good looking guys who aren't keen on date rape or sodomy?

The bars: uh, break it down for you in three types...

meat market - alright, so I'm a freshman in college, I'm drunk and sooner or later my tits will follow out of my tubetop while I'm making out on the dance floor with my roommate while rotating around my small fendi trendy purse. No, I don't need you to buy my drink laced with ghb cause I'd rather not spend all next day trying to not throw up my morning after pill, you sleazy date rapist frat boy hiphop video background extra. Your giant diamond earrings remind me of my aunt Ester... oops, scuffed you're puma with my heel.

cocktail lounges or pubs - what the shit! rather than discuss the pretentious musings of a poet turned musician while downing overpriced watered down drinks and looking at a guy who spends more time picking out his cheap h&m outfit ensembles than I do, I could be drunk and cackling with my girls. These are the places to go when you want to MOCK men who barely graduated from college meat markets with degree in self hygiene and a minor in lukewarm small talk conversation. I wouldn't put it past these sleaze balls to still try the old drunk feel up in the back of the car when they offer to drive us home in their recently LEASED beemer or audi tt. no thanks, wanks.

dance clubs - you know that old expression that if "they're good at dancing, they're good in bed". well, you have to also add to that if they're dancing, they're also probably on drugs which means whats the point of going to bed with them. OMG, you bought me a beer while I'm dancing? That's so cute, go over there and wait for your pupils to stop dilating while I continue to dance. Numbers on the backs of flyers are a sure no-phoner. Then there is the stoic and dour non-dancers who stand around in clubs and undress hot girls with their eyes. Watch me while I dance, perv, its making me feel so ready to talk to you about how technically awesome this dj is. I'd rather chat up some etard who can't get an erection than deal with your grimness.

alright, so what do we do when we can't find a man on the night on the town? we look elsewhere. like the workplace?

Office romances don’t just turn sour when your stop fucking your boss and he gets creepy about your social life. Fuck you nosey receptionist... I can “make copies” all fucking afternoon at the top of my voice. Earning the contempt of your coworkers with your private lunch meatings sucks. Well, no, its the being judged part that sucks and when you get something done on merit, they chalk it up to your handiwork with cock. Pass.

so that leaves the gym.

the gym. fuck.

What guy is approachable during his lunch hour break beefcake mission? it just seems like establishing a report with a hottie while his ego is at its most vulnerable is tactless to me. Guys work out to look good to impress us. we aren’t supposed to peak behind the curtain to see how the process is done. unless they’re gay. but then they don’t need to have their egos inflated by us.

so I’m turning to tribe. the know-all, be-all internet omnipresence that binds us together in bits and bytes of general toronto nightlife knowledge.

where do all the good guys hide?

(ps. I know I'm actually a guy, but I wanted to write it anyways... I was just curious to know where women actually hunt for men and just got a little creative... sorry.)
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gah, fine... looks like I'll have to start off this thread properly. lame!

When I am cruising, I usually do the aquaintence flirt. you meet some one, you chat, playful flirt but don't really get to know each other too well, friend of a not too close friend works well. people ask you how you met you can always say "oh, so and so introduced us" etc.

make for conversation, small talk is a must. and if you can't tell by my intial post, I can talk the brass balls of a deaf donkey.

I cruise people in my age group, usually intelligence is a major attraction, and humour. I am a first impression person and I base a lot of my judgement on intuition. Smile and eye contact is a big thing I look for when shaking someones hand.

When meeting new people, its usually at social functions, parties, etc. common ground can be found through how we are connected by each function. "Who'd you come with, you're friends of who, you work with so and so, etc."

looks don't play a major role for me cause *ahem* I'm shallow but not picky. I don't have a "type". Actually I've been compared to janiecakes in that regard... we both have unusal tastes when in comes to aestetic beauty, I'm told. I don't care. I like who I like. they could be purple with three eyes, but if they're hot to me, they're hot.

anyways... I cruise. I like someone right now, but I still look around at people I am attracted to. I'm a natural flirt most times, doesn't make me a slut (sleeping with all those tranny hookers made me a slut... oh the coke years... memories!).

I was just curious at what others did and where they look.


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if i'm already at the 'who did you come with, etc. shit...' then i'm already not interested in you....that's the polite talk in terms of 'pick-up and go home with talk'...see ya' round....

but if i am in the heat about someone, a grin and that eye contact is about all there is that is needed...at least for girl on girl action......

i dunno what you guys on guy action do......?
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its fantastically amazing that lesbian relationships did not cross my mind when I was writing this thread. I am sorry to all the lesbians who I did not include when writing it. *BIG EMBARASSED GUILTY GRIN*

anyways, lets add to the plot, perhaps? Do lesbians cruising lesbians have the same sort of unspoken sexual connection with a target (I keep using the word prey here for these things, maybe I liken women to mountain lions too much, hahahaha, ph34r teh grr15 much?) that homosexual men have? I should have consulted on lok, he understands better than anyone sexual chemistry.

do lesbians cruise the same way straight women cruise and flirt the same, or is there a homosexual subtext to women's flirty conversation that changes aspects? bisexual/bicurious girls, I want your opinions on this too.

dancecanyon, you say that you can tell just by a facial expression or something if you have a connection with someone? is that only with girls or do you think it applies to all sexual relationships?

if there is one thing i like doing, its asking questions. its cause I'm annoying. hahahaha.

SEX! wow!


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i pick up girls in clubs by going up to them and grabbing their boobs.

sometimes it works better than others.
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oh where do i go to get some "when two become one"?

my needs are going unmet and this thread isn't serving me as of yet.
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Tribe 14K gold cannabis seed slider pendant and chain