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women and grudges

Jazzy Jeff

TRIBE Member
What's up with women and their grudge holding? Like seriously it's been a life-long observation of mine, girls almost always tend to hold grudges over stupider things than guys do, AND for longer periods of time (just from the experiences i've had). and the silent treatment. can't..... fucking..... stand that.... getting the silent treatment makes me not feel guilty AT ALL for whatever i did. (unless of course it was REALLY heinous) no explanation, no nothing, all of a sudden PISSED OFF. and why? cause of something said say yesterday at 8:13pm and 26 seconds which was never really complained about in the first place. moral of the rant? don't like the girls and the grudge holding. and also can't stand people that bottle things up until there's too much contain and then expect me to fell sorry for something i was never told was wrong in the first place.:mad: stupid mind games. guess i wish everyone would be up front.


TRIBE Member
it's usually pretty obvious how i'm feeling, however i think i am the queen grudge holder. i hold them forever, and over anything that pissed me off. i can't help it.