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Woman (probably) dead after trying to escape from Diplo

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UPDATE 12:12 pm: The woman may have leapt to her death after losing a “twerk-off.” From NBC Miami:

Speaking exclusively with NBC 6, Graham Hansen, who knows the woman, says he spoke with a mutual friend of theirs who was also on board that cruise.

“She and some other girl who was calling herself the twerk queen were having a twerk-off, “ Hansen told NBC 6 via phone. “Twerk queen started twerking on her (the missing woman’s) boyfriend, and it caused some sort of issue between the two of them.”

The woman reportedly jumped from the ship not long after the dance contest escalated. Hansen says their mutual friend on board the ship is “completely and totally mortified.”

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The twerking thing has been retracted. The guy who said he was a friend of the missing girl didn't even actually know her. The girl was married on the same cruise last year.