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Woman fired over Kerry bumper sticker

Discussion in 'Politics (deprecated)' started by Subsonic Chronic, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    Moulton woman says she lost job for sporting Kerry sticker on car

    By Clyde L. Stancil
    DAILY Staff Writer
    cstancil@decaturdaily.com · 340-2443

    MOULTON — Lynne Gobbell never imagined the cost of a John Kerry-John Edwards bumper sticker could run so high.

    Gobbell of Moulton didn't pay a cent for the sticker that she proudly displays on the rear windshield of her Chevrolet Lumina, but said it cost her job at a local factory after it angered her boss, Phil Gaddis.

    Gaddis, a Decatur bankruptcy attorney, owns Enviromate, a cellulose insulation company in Moulton.

    Gaddis did not return phone calls from THE DAILY about the alleged Thursday firing.

    Gobbell said she consulted a lawyer, but then changed her mind about going to see him. She said she has cried about the incident and must do without income for three weeks while the state unemployment commission decides if she is eligible for compensation.

    Gobbell said she was averaging 50 to 60 hours a week on the plant's bagging machine.

    "The lady there (at the unemployment commission) said that she has never heard of a firing like this before," Gobbell said.

    Gobbell gave this account:

    "We were going back to work from break, and my manager told me that Phil said to remove the sticker off my car or I was fired," she said. "I told him that Phil couldn't tell me who to vote for. He said, 'Go tell him.' "

    She went to Gaddis' office, knocked on the door and entered on his orders.

    "Phil and another man who works there were there," she said. "I asked him if he said to remove the sticker and he said, 'Yes, I did.' I told him he couldn't tell me who to vote for. When I told him that, he told me, 'I own this place.' I told him he still couldn't tell me who to vote for."

    Gobbell said Gaddis told her to "get out of here."

    "I asked him if I was fired and he told me he was thinking about it," she said. "I said, 'Well, am I fired?' He hollered and said, 'Get out of here and shut the door.' "

    She said her manager was standing in another room and she asked him if that meant for her to go back to work or go home. The manager told her to go back to work, but he came back a few minutes later and said, " 'I reckon you're fired. You could either work for him or John Kerry,' " Gobbell said.

    "I took off my gloves and threw them in the garbage and left," Gobbell said.

    Though she is unemployed and uncertain if she will get her job back, Gobbell said, she doesn't regret her decision to keep the sticker on her windshield.

    "I would like to find another job, but I would take that job back because I need to work," she said. "It upset me and made me mad that he could put a letter in my check expressing his (political) opinion, but I can't put something on my car expressing mine."

    She was referring to a flier that she said Gaddis placed in employee envelopes to remind them of the positive impact that President Bush's policies have had on them. An employee at the plant who would not identify himself confirmed the contents of the letter.

    Gobbell provided a copy of the flier. It says:

    "Just so you will know, because of the Bush tax (cut):

    I was able to buy the new Hammer Mill
    I was able to finance our receivables
    I was able to get the new CAT skid steer
    I was able to get the wire cutter
    I was able to give you a job"
    It further says:

    "You got the benefit of the Bush tax cut. Everyone did."


    Gotta love Alabama. :)
  2. janiecakes

    janiecakes TRIBE Member


    obviously unions are unnecessary in this day and age.
  3. Adam

    Adam TRIBE Member

    i am actually rolling my eyes
  4. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

    hahah "i reckon".
  5. Chris

    Chris Well-Known TRIBEr

    She thought about consulting a lawyer?
    This sounds like a labour lawyers wet dream.
  6. OTIS

    OTIS TRIBE Member

    Hmm idunno about that..

    This sickens me, but last I remeber, labour laws in the US don't include such protection in that you could be fired for your political views/activity.
  7. janiecakes

    janiecakes TRIBE Member

    holy shit:


    John Kerry phones fired Moulton woman, offers her job

    By Clyde L. Stancil
    DAILY Staff Writer
    cstancil@decaturdaily.com · 340-2443

    MOULTON — A Moulton woman, who says she lost her job for sporting a Kerry-Edwards political sticker on her car, will get a new job from John Kerry.

    Lynne Rene Gobbell, 41, who lives at 751 Lawrence County 511, said that the Democratic presidential nominee phoned her Tuesday to say that he read an article about her firing and "couldn't believe it." Kerry offered her a job with his campaign.

    "He told me that he was really sorry that I had lost my job and that he was real proud of me for standing up for what I believed in and for him," Gobbell said. "I was really shocked and shook up."

    Sunday's DAILY quoted Gobbell as saying that her employer, Philip A. Geddes, who owns Enviromate in Moulton, told her Thursday that she had to remove the sticker from her car. Another manager told her she could " 'either work for him or John Kerry,' " she said.

    "He (Kerry) read that Phil said that, and he said that 'you can let him know that as of today you're working for John Kerry; you're hired.' I told him it was hard to believe, but that it was wonderful."

    Gobbell said that she supports Kerry because "I'm a Democrat."

    She immediately called Enviromate, which manufactures cellulose insulation in Moulton, and told managers about the call from Kerry.

    "I told them I didn't need the job, that I have another job," she said. "They said with who. I said with John Kerry. They really didn't have a response."

    Leslie Dach, a senior adviser with the Democratic National Committee, said he spoke to Gobbell on the phone after she talked to Kerry.

    He said that he and Gobbell would work out details of her employment today. It will be a paid position.

    Before the sticker incident, Gobbell said, Geddes placed a flier in employees' paycheck envelopes describing how he and they benefited from the tax cut initiated by President Bush, Kerry's opponent in the Nov. 2 election.

    Geddes could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

    Gobbell said that her cell phone and home phone have been ringing steadily since THE DAILY published her story. It has been circulating on the Internet. An Alabama campaign official sent the story to Kerry.

    She has received calls from radio talk show hosts across the country and well-wishers, some of whom offered her money.

    "It never dawned on me that he (Kerry) would call — not personally, anyway," she said. "I even have him on my answering machine where he called earlier. He was on an airplane, and he said that he would call me back."

    She will keep the message on her machine and is happy to have a job again.

    "I was getting really, really worried about bills coming up and me not having a way of paying them," she said.
  8. H2Whoa

    H2Whoa TRIBE Member

    she should get a job at Teresa's ketchup factory
  9. oddmyth

    oddmyth TRIBE Member

    an environmental friendly insulation company praising the Republicans .. :eek: only in the south.
  10. Adam

    Adam TRIBE Member

    im sure she'd relish the opportunity
  11. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

  12. Mr. Magyar

    Mr. Magyar TRIBE Member

    Unless it's a work-related matter, employers can't fire you.
  13. Spinsah

    Spinsah TRIBE Member

    is cellulose, really that enviromentally firendly?

    either way, fun story.
  14. RhesusMonkey

    RhesusMonkey TRIBE Member

    Depends entirely on the state. Not every state allows for protection of employment, such as, as an employer you need to have a work/performance-related reason to fire an employee. I'm not sure about Alabama, but I'd reckon that it's a state wher you can get fired on a whim.
  15. Mr. Magyar

    Mr. Magyar TRIBE Member

    Oh shit! I didn't think Alabama's labour laws were THAT regressive. I just did a search and it says Alabama doesn't have ANY laws on hiring and firing, except for discrimination based on race, gender, age, national origin, religion, etc. So yeah, Alabama's employers can hire and fire on a whim.
  16. H2Whoa

    H2Whoa TRIBE Member

    i wish other workers would mustard up the same courage
  17. Big Harv

    Big Harv TRIBE Member

    obviously, the boss is a fucking tool if he fires someone over a bumper sticker. bringing your political views into the office place is one thing but a bumper sticker on the car is quite another. it seems like an excellent candidate for a juicy wrongful dismissal action, but i would like to hear the employer's side of the story too.

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