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i am going. i have a room outside miami though. check out our essential breaks party on monday the 27th. stanton sessions will be that night at IIO in miami city



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Hey ev,
sunday march 26th you should check out the c1rca party
at the Purdy lounge 1811 purdy ave miami.
Its pretty much a dream show for me right now.
Mat the alien, Smalltown djs, wicked lester, fort knox five, all good funk alliance, hosted by killa kella(sickest beatboxer on the planet) and a ton more djs. Its gonna be insane.
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i was actually look at that on the list of events for the week.

I want to hit up some breaks parties for sure.. i know stanton warriors(or at least Dom) are playing on the monday somewhere.. but I think I'm going to hit up Space for Luke Fair and Steve Porter.. but perhaps I could check stantons earlier and then hit space late in the night.. i dunno

other then that.. not sure what breaks even I'm hitting!