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WMC.... so far...


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Hey everyone, it's Day 4 so far and I can't believe it's more than 1/2 way done. It's been a blast so far. Where do I even start? How surreal SoBe is.... with aquariums in the bathroom, Space's gorgeous patio (I want to bring this back!) and oh, did I mention...... the PERFECT 28'C weather??? :cool:

As far as parties go.... went to a friend's bash on Thursday, got to see Steve Gerrard and Deeper Substance; Fri was sweet with Bedrock, as Digweed "opened" for our very own Luke (who blew the roof off!!!); and yesterday was DD, S+P, Luke, Yousef etc @ Space, what an amazing venue, it even has it's very own "beach"!! Hee hee, 9 hours of DD, what a night!

Gotta run, more parties await!


p.s. If any of the usual suspects wants a postcard, send me your snail mail addys, psyrel@hotmail.com.


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tara sounds like you are having a blast!!! bring back some of that miami heat with you, as it's only about -20 with the windchill here today...


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quick update

Just thought I'd tell you guys what's happening down here. It's really hot and sunny, John I wish I could bring back some of it! Last night went to Giant's sunset session which had Steve Gerrard playing an awesome set. After that we checked out Fat Boy Slim for a bit, then back to Giant to see Howells throw down some sick tracks, followed by Burridge playing nice down tempo stuff. The setup was sweet, all open-air and it even had a jacuzzi! Tribe was representing as we ran into Tatgirl and friends.
Going to check out Debo, Warren and Seaman now (after breakfast at 3pm!) and then to see DT in 7 hours!! Can't wait for his 20 hour set :)
More updates when I'm back in Windsor tomorrow night.

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^^^^^^and we're here sittin' around in a quasi-snow storm wondering if the Wintergalactic 2002 party with its 300 DJ's is going to happen. :D

God bless the WMC.

Par- T

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Grrrrrr, why did I open this.

It sounds fantastic ladies, sounds like you're having a blast, just wish I was there too. NEXT YEAR for sure!

Tell me all about the debauchery when you return.
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back home in Windsor :(

Got back in late last nite due to all the weather delays along the eastern seaboard. Didn't want to come back at all...
Will write a longer review later after I have class today, but on Monday we went to a small private party at the St Augustine Hotel - got the chance to talk to a lot of "industry" people and drink Barcardi for free! Got introduced to this drink the mohito - goes down ultra smooth. And after that headed off to Space for DT.. crazy time and tons of GREAT tunes!
But time for class :(



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DETAILS...........Gimme details.

I listened to the DT interview with Pete Tong last weekend. DT was talkin' about he had been spending a lot of time in his studio reworking some songs for WMC. He sounded so excited, like a kid at Christmas.

I soooooo wish I was at this show. Next year for sure.

So gimmi some details. What tracks went over huge?


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all's well that ends well

Finally back home. Brain's kinda fuzzy - I stumbled out of bed Mon morning and haven't slept yet.

Ok, what everyone wants to hear - DT @ Space. If anyone's blood pressure will go through the roof (that's you Tom!) then DON'T read anymore.....

Got there about 1:30am. Doors opened at 10, but Danny didn't actually hit the decks til about 2. He had a good bit of technical problems throughout the night with the equipment, scrolling sign etc., but he pushed on. The crowd was the largest about 6am.... kinda surreal to see the lights flood the place while everyone has their hands in the air ... I mean thousands of hands..... and evreyone's screaming their heads off, the sirens blaring.... insanity.
About 10 he started off this 3 hr session of relentless, pounding tracks.... he never paused or even let up with the tempo. People were dropping like flies. Then from 1 - 3 he played every single bit of remix/ production/edit work he's done in the last year (the exception being the back2basics comp - from that he only dropped 3 tunes). Amusing bits - seeing Digweed absolutely plastered, jumping around; seeing Burridge start a conga line, which became people dancing around a circle, holding hands.
After all this heavy stuff, he dropped Always (beedle mix) and that was fun, people (about 100 left) just grooving, boogie-ing, holding hands and twirling each other around.
I left at 4:30pm, too tired to stay longer. Heard it went til 7ish. Heehee.... 14 1/2 hrs..... I think I had my DT fix!!! :D

I only remember some of the tunes. As the set progressed he stopped using the scroll thing and just babbled, so I didn't catch all of what he said. A 17 (?) min remix of "Dream On" with vocals from "I Feel Loved" thrown in.... and then it had the "surprise ending" of kd lang's "Constant Craving". Don't ask me how he did it, but he did it. :confused: Said it took him 3 days to put that one together. Biggest tune was X-press 2 feat. Yello - Work. Oh my god, he pounded the crap out of that.... my heart can still feel the bassline. Others - Dirty Bass by Cox, Be Freed by Yousef (?), Rok to It (?) by Alan T., Love for Generations by ?, then one track had a piano instrumental bit and it was dedicated to Frankie Knuckles, then..... ok, brain dying, cause there's more but can't remember now. Of course, "Be Yourself" was played at least 4 times since that was the theme for the entire session.

After all of that, I hung out with friends and later kinda checked out the Bullit party (DD, S+P, Luke, 16B etc.), then spent the rest of the night at the Satellite records party - Seaman, P+W, Blackwatch - and a very pleasant surprise - Moshic&Zidan. These 2 were amazing. Basiclly, I sat down for everyone else and just had to get up and move (in an "ouch, pian" mode) for their set. So good.

My flight left there at 11am, I was back home by 3:30pm and went to work for 5pm. Now, I am going to crash out til tomorrow night. If I don't make it down for Hybrid, you know I'm still sleeping.....

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Re: all's well that ends well

Originally posted by Psyrel
seeing Burridge start a conga line, which became people dancing around a circle, holding hands.

If anyone were to start a conga line it would be Burridge.

P.S Tara, you're a party animal!


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WMC - my review

Ok here's my full review..

What a GREAT trip! Amazing parties, music sets and awesome people to hang out with. Oh yeah and the picture perfect 28C sunny weather too :D Finally got to put a face-to-a-name to a lot of people I've been messaging and emailing for a long time.

But unto the parties.. Got to hear a lot of dj's in just 5 days - from Digweed pounding it out at Lola to Desyn Masiello (sp?) grooving on the terrace on Space and then ending with DT's set inside Space. In terms of tracks, a lot of them were new to my ears as well as a couple of the trainspotters that were there. I'm sure that in the next couple of months, they'll be released and I'll be able to put names to them.

In my eyes, the best sets I heard were:
1. Digweed at Bedrock
2. Deep Dish at Space (especially the early hours of the morning when they were pounding it out)
3. Howells, Burridge & Steve Gerrard at Giant - from the laid back groovy attitude to the open-air venue to the fact that it was maybe only 80 of us dancing our feet off, in my eyes made this party a small one to remember.
4. the last couple of hours that I lasted at DT. Twas cool to see everyone at Space going crazy when DT's threw down that mix of "Dream On" - when you thought the track was nearly over, another bassline kicked in - from what I remember he must have changed vinyl at least 3 times during that song alone.
5. and MUST mention Luke's set at Bedrock, I mean having Diggers "opening" for him I think says it all ;)

After the first nite being there, I already decided to make it back in 2003 for sure! Can't wait for the insane madness, loads of parties and great friends that will be WMC next year!


Sugar D

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holy tired

I'll post my reviews as soon as I remember what I did while I was there....:eek:

crazy times as usual... ;)


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DT @ Space........

I have to add, around 7:30 am, Yoko Ono got up in the booth with Danny and sang over a track-
She was wearing raver shades, it was madness ! :)
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