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WMC Miami post 'em here

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by alexd, Mar 29, 2001.

  1. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    I know some of you may remember this years' WMC. Funny thing is, many remember seeing me partying there last year, but I never went. This is why I decided not to go this year - why bother going down if I am there anyway?

    Post your reviews please...
  2. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

  3. deacon

    deacon TRIBE Member

    cool strategy alex [​IMG] ....but all i can say is that miami during wmc is insanity! you never know who your going to meet and where. i met john digweed in the bathroom taking a piss, at space...anyways out of all the amazing parties, here was our itinerary.

    friday-nick warren and sander k at twilo in new york...sets were not that good. saved ourselves for craziness in miami.

    saturday-excited for ultra party..but lost temper as flight was delayed 8 hours (canada 3000 SUCKS!).we ended up getting free hotel at airport, transporation, etc..arrive in miami at 4 am.

    sunday-conference at the radisson..not bad. thanks for the liquid passes george.
    perfecto party at shadow lounge..d:fuse was better than oakey. thats all i remember.

    monday-sat at the clevelander eating lunch, drinking 14 vodka ice (new drink which is the bomb!) and listened to noel sanger, rabbit in the moon.at night, off to spundae vs cream @ shadow lounge to see timo maas (incredible set!), seb fontaine and nick warren..wicked club thats like tonic.
    then went to danny tenglia 12 hr set at space...sooo hot in there! good set by danny. all the stars were on the dancefloor grooving to this master of the decks.

    tuesday-the best party of the conference for us by far...the kinetic party on the octagon rooftop..max graham (wicked tunes), sandra collins, and deepsky (these guys are amazing producers and the nicest people in the world!).we danced in the wind for 5 hours listening to magic and free drinks and food [​IMG]..then off to the spundae mansion. naked girls in the pool [​IMG] . my drunk partner andre of course dove in. then off to the party at liquid...simply jeff vs. rennie pilgrim was siiiiick! starecase was amazing as well. i now love breaks. lastly say hi to torontonians at shadow lounge..mauro picotto, and jon oo ripped up the dancefloors with a vengeance! thanks mike g.

    2 hours later...catch plane and almost miss flight being asleep at the gate.

    all in all this was the most amazing musical bliss i have ever experienced in my 8 years in the scene. whoever always says that your going to go and then don't...go next year. i am defintely organizing about 30 of us to go next year..toronto has to go down there and represent. we have kick ass djs and producers here that the world needs to hear about....i'm already looking forward to next year!

    mad props to the people who i saw absolutely destroyed and got to know: d:fuse, chris fortier, wish, curran, suzy solar and brian, starecase, gene carbonell and nicole, denise and maryann, scott stubbs and tammi, chris fisher, rob, dieter, john and maureen, asaf and oded, brandon, vince and co. [​IMG], prophet, chris, j-dub, sean cusick, all the wicked nice people at kinetic, spundae, and level, and all the other people who i got to know..you all rocked our worlds!!!!!!

    and of course to andre who endured my violent moodswings [​IMG] ...you know i love ya brotha..now back to reality. also a big thank you to our new family at the docks...next stop connected.

  4. twitch

    twitch TRIBE Member

    Did you shake his hand ?
  5. Mr.Jo

    Mr.Jo TRIBE Member

    This was my first year going and I can't wait till next year. I've been telling everyone that they have to come next year no matter what. The parties were, at the least, AMAZING. It was sunny and hot the whole time I was there.

    I arrived there on Saturday. I went to Level the first night I was there. The party was by Pacha. It was full of Ibiza dj's so I got to hear people I never heard of before Dj Pippi, Dj Vibe, Hernan Cattaneo, Jo Mills & Rene. I only heard 3 of them but not sure what 3. Who ever played the house set was very hard and very gooood.

    Sunday went to the Living Room and heard David Alarado, Josh Wink, Pete Moss, and King Brit. Everyone played a wicked set except Josh Wink.

    Monday went to the Ice Palace Film Studios for the "I LOVE MUSIC" party. It Just like the Freakin 99 rave but instead of tents they have real film buildings. Instead of gravel they have concrete floors. I think they had 2 big buildings with a trance room, house room, techno room, d & b room, VIP room but the garage house room was closed off. That place could easily hold at least 10,000 people but it looked like there was only about 5,000 instead. I heard so many dj's that night that I don't even know some of them were. I know I heard Judge Jules who I thought wasn't all that, I can't believe this guy is considered one of the top dj's in the world. Didn't impress me at all. Bad Boy Bill, Boy George, the Punisher, Kevin Saunderson, Dj Rap, Adam Beyer and Christian Smith. I heard 4 more dj's though but I didn't get to find out who they were. Adam Beyer & Christian Smith played the best sets of the night. They were just insane, totally awesome.

    Tuesday early evening went to the Giant Hotel and heard Richard Humpty Vision, Tim Lawson, and Yousef, the man I went to hear.

    Tuesday night, my final party of the trip was Magic sessions at Crobar. Dj's that night were Tedd Patterson, Tony Humphries, Little Louie Vega in the main room, and Dimitri from Paris in the upstairs room. This night was a crazy ass night. The whole club was jump'n. What a way to end of the trip.

    I could go into more detail but there is just so much to say so I suggest that we should all go down next year and experience it yourself. Peace.

  6. Psyrel

    Psyrel TRIBE Member

    Hey everyone, have finally recovered from my week in Florida. As a 1st timer to the WMC I thought that everything I had heard about it was exaggerated. It simply couldn't be that good, it had to be over-rated, the people were biased etc.
    No. Let me say it now, "it's ALL true!"
    Simply put, it was the best music/party/vacation experience I've ever had.

    Fri - partying at Crobar til 7am, Timo Maas used so much bass he should have triggered an earthquake! Being introduced to DJ Remy (thanks James!). Hearing Max Graham spin again and briefly chatting with Anthony Pappa.
    Sat - was tired from Mon night, so decided to do little dancing. Ended up sitting on a chair smack behind the DJ booth at Crobar, listening to Digweed play an impressive set. He seemed more relaxed/livelier than he had been at Twilo last month. Again, didn't leave until 7am.
    Sun - Til Noon party at Mezzanote, had a nice relaxing time listening/watching the DJs fiddle with tunes. Then onto Fuel where Seaman threw a great set, I couldn't stop dancing even though I felt like amputatinhg my feet!
    Mon - one of the best pool parties I attended - the Shelbourne pool party - happily splashing my feet in the heated water, listening to great down-tempo music while Nick Holder did the same thing 10 feet away. To my Toronto mentality it was surreal to be outdoors in a tank top and shorts on a March night....! Then to Space to hear Tenaglia throw down one of his sweetest sets, too bad I couldn't stay for the whole thing. Jumping up and down with a friend, flailing our arms and singing/shouting out the lyrics to "Love in Traffic". Dancing in the main room and realizing that the enthusiastic person dancing next to me was Digweed (he accidentally stepped on my foot). And unreal - seeing Nick and Andre there, grinning their heads off! Hope you guys and Orkidea had an amazing night!
    Tues - chilling with a friend in West Palm beach...
    Wed - needed some excitement, so my friend and I headed for South beach. Ended up at the Raleigh poolside party listening to Cox, Fontaine and Ralph. Then to Nikki's for the afterparty, hearing Cox spin, and dragging ourselves away after "Love in Traffic", as neither of us wanted to leave.
    Thur - flying back home... to COLD Toronto.

    Thanks to all the wonderful people I met, I hope to see/hear from you all in the future. Thanks also for the general consensus that the Canadian scene is blowing up, and I hope that everyone who expressed an interest in visiting here manages to do so!!
  7. Isaac S

    Isaac S TRIBE Member

    so many girls
    so many parties
    so many drinks
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    glad to hear you and Andre had such a good time. I knew I should have gone. If only I had money, I so would have been there. DAMN!

    There's no way in hell I'm not going next year. If for some reason I have no cash, and I have to fake my own death and collect the insurance money, then so be it!
  9. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    that's enough to get me there next year...
  10. Swamper

    Swamper TRIBE Member

    I didn't go but I did see some video footage of the event... Oakenfold looked even more lifeless & bored than normal while spinning (I didn't think he could beat his own record) but for those of you that want to see for yourself there's a 200 meg .ASF file of it here

    Anyone have pics from the event?
  11. Tyler

    Tyler TRIBE Member

    I never got to see the sun in Miami, untill my flight out.

    It was exhausting.
  12. DJ JayMcC

    DJ JayMcC TRIBE Member

    Only if he washed it!
  13. DJ JayMcC

    DJ JayMcC TRIBE Member

    I mean them!!
  14. DJNMAC


    The first line is enough to get me there, but Im easy to convince

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