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WMC Cont. Delta Heavy


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Miami WMC 2004 - Casablanca
Delta Heavy

With all that had happened in the past 24 hours, I could hardly believe we had been in South Beach for less than a day. But then of course, this was no ordinary day in an otherwise ordinary life. This was infact, the first day of the Miami Winter Music Conference, 2004 and this was the not-so-ordinary life of the infamous Toronto Crew. And so, the excitment abounded as we headed out to the newly renovated and aptly named Mansion night club to see two super-star legends and two underground up-and-comers serve up a taste of this Fall's highly anticipated Delta Heavy tour. Opening the night off, Toronto native Luke Fair played a deep and downtempo set which filled the room and warmed the floor for James Zabeila. Athough somewhat inconsistent at times, Zabeila displayed his tremendous mixing skills and truly captured his audience. His digital scratching, electro breaks and impromptu mix of Underworld's Dark & Long went well towards setting the evening's pace. But by now the club had stretched it's britches wide to accomodate the swell of international punters hungry for a fix of prog's puriest and most netorious duo, Sasha & Digweed. Leading off the first inning, Digweed started on a tech-house tangent which was perhaps a bit longer than necessary. Then smoothly shifted gears and began to drop an array of brilliant beats and then concluded his set with an outstanding big-room track which will undoubtedly leave a trail of dance floor casualties around the globe. Next up to bat, Sasha sluggs some intense beats across the club and reminds us all that it's time to pick it up a notch. But before anyone's had the chance to catch a breath, the Delta Heavy roller-coaster climbs even higher as Digweed sends the club on a digital loop-de-loop that left a few die-hards keeled over the remains of this morning's breakfast. Fawking sick! Well, to be honest, the rest of the night was blurred by exhaustion. Suffice it to say that masterfull programming met cutting-edge production and begot a sum far greater than the four hands and sailed the mixer towards sunrise. Indeed, top performances by all and a sure sign of greatness on the horizon.

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gregor, sounds like it's been an incredible first day to south beach...have a few beverages for me & keep dancing...