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WMC 2010 reviews

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by kyfe, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. kyfe

    kyfe TRIBE Member

    Since there is so much going on it might be a good idea to share the parties all in one thread instead of writing 10000 reviews so here they are.

    Dip in party @ the National hotel
    The national has a really nice clubber friendly grounds and a sweet lap pool, while a trance party the crowd was great and the music was alot of fun to listen to. Gareth Emery was very impressive and rocked it, great tracks solid mixing and quite a presence in the booth. Blank and Jones, hadn't heard about them in a while I think last time I caught them was 01 in the Guv solid selection with some nice tracks and a mix of old and new tunes. Overall everyone else played great and kept the party going, we ended up staying longer than anticipate and pretty much closed it out.

    OM records party presented by XLR8TR and Onitsuka Tiger @ Klutch
    sadly I have very little recollection of this party, the snippits I do recall were good. Damn Mojitos.

    Andy Moor & Friends @ Pure Ultra Lounge
    Techno Zombies @ Tantra lounge

    Nice space and an added bonus is that it's 2 clubs in one, caught most of Andy Moor it was good but wasn't really feeling it, the crowd had a bit of douche got the feeling most had no clue who was playing or could care.

    Eventually we made our way up to Techno Zombies, nice to see some Canadian content on the bill. Sadly the party was under attended but the music was excellent, not to sure who was on while there but it was good non the less.

    Balance and Magnetic Grooves Yacht Party w/Sander Kleinenberg, Desyn Masiello
    BEST party so far, what an amazing way to spend my time in Miami one of my favourites, open bar serving ketel one and I'm on a boat. The only complaint I have is that the upper deck had no sound, it rained earlier in the day so that may have been why. This was a great party that started with a bit of country and was full of friendly seasoned clubbers.

    Spin Artist showcase @ Nocturnal
    stopped in briefly, the party was jumping and busy. Caught Jerome Isma-ae and Gareth Emery both solid, Gareth again put on a great performance.

    Danny T classics party @ Score
    [​IMG] Disclaimer: this party was worth getting my ass grabbed a million times.

    As expected this was a prime gay party, the performances were fun and really interacted well with Danny. The crowd was full of really nice and up for a party people, from the second I got in there I did not leave the dancefloor, it was hot packed and suprisingly all the dudes kept their shirts on which is always nice. We worked it as Danny was at his best with relentless non stop NY tribal, many of his critics complain his sets have to many hit and miss spots because he plays for so long this was not the case it was non stop and hard hitting all night long, No lulls anywhere. This was another amazing party and vintage Danny it just reinforced everything I think of the man and what he does he is a legend for a reason and one of the true lovers of music. the highlight of the night was some remix of lady gaga layered with a loop of lady by Modjo (the beat not vocals) tore the roof off the place and the olympic theme was nice and the rank paddles also made good fans, left as my partners in crime had to catch their flight.

    Basic NYC allstars @ Beach Plaza
    got in to hear Doc martin warming up the place with a nice funk set, followed by Farina who played a mushroom jazz set and a nice chunk of hip-hop which was appreciated by all. Normally I'd be telling you that the set of the party was farina but although excellent as usual, DJ T and Thomas Schumacher played back to back and brought the deep goods. First time hearing Thomas live and I was glad to see his sets are similar to his production deep chugs with nice rolling basslines. DJ T also first time hearing and he has quite a similar sound and played off each other very well. Tom Middleton followed them up injecting a little bit of funk and even some strings of life but kept the pace set by Schu and T. It was clear everyone enjoyed this party and being able to hear it outside just added to the party. The party was free but Glist only and worth every penny.

    Words of advice:

    If you can, stay away from the happy hour 2 for 1 Giant Godzilla sized Mojitos. I'm sure I've missed a party or two thanks to the memory erasers.

    It is worth travelling 3.5 hours for key lime pie.

    Don't were new shoes, what was i thinking?
  2. kyfe

    kyfe TRIBE Member

    Beatport Beach party @ Ganesvoort
    lineup: Afrojack, AN21, Christian Prommer, D.Ramirez, DJ Hell, Peter Kruder,Kaskade, Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Trent Cantrelle, Umek, Wolfgang Gartner, Antoine Clamaran.

    This was Beatport's free closing party and as you can see from the lineup it was mainly electro, got there around 4:30 and there was literally no way to get in unless you dropped $1500 on a table, I chatted with security for a bit and eventually made my way inside with the wife. The lineup to get in, think peak Guv on a shitshow of a night completely sold out with about another 2000+ waiting outside in the hopes of getting in. caught wolfgang gartner, basically what I expected rocking in your face house direct from castlevania video games. Kaskade was next and WTF? I love Kaskade but I'm hopeing this was a one off, some good tracks but he's IMO not an electro DJ even though he tried his best, I was expecting some sexy west coast house with a bit of an electro feel but I was a bit more cookie cutter and not much different than wolfgang, he played some KOT, madonna like a prayer, major lazer and a few other classics but overall I expected a different performance and was kind of underwhelmed. Next Afrojack, started off good but ended up being more of the same. Then came the swedish house mafia, I've been a fan of these guys for years and they were solid, again electro but it was a bit more upbeat/housey and for the most part not as generic as the rest of the party up to that point. Got some free swag which is a bonus and had some fun, for a free party it was fun but you could tell the venue used it as an opportunity to cash grab ($15 drinks, ATMs with a $100 max withdrawal and a $7 trans fee, each time). Overall good party but I expected a bit more.

    Sander Kleinenberg @ the Shelbourne

    So i heard from people that caught Tenaglia earlier in the day that he offered to play for free and continue the day party but was told he could only play till 12am so he took off and played at another club. To bad it would have been amazing to see Sander and Danny at the same party. I think Miami is the only place in the world where a club would turn down the opportunity to have Danny play even longer at no cost. Anyway enough about that onto the party. Got there it was starting to get busy, the opener was on and he was actually very good (Jon Cowan?), the best part about this party is it was alot of heads, you could bring in booze and go in/out freely (I hope some of you promoters are listening to this because this was at a nightclub and they still allowed it).

    Sander destroyed the place it was rocking all night I think we left around 8am but it may have been later. I also learned that you can buy Stoli in a gallon size (thanks Chino, that was the best and worst idea since the giant Mojitos) Lots of Torontoians and ex pats (Hi Emma), Met some cool dudes from Detroit and everywhere else. this was a serious contender for the best party because everything was done so well.

    highlights of the week.

    Finary wearing an albino snake on his head
    meeting so many friendly people
    catching Gareth Emery 2x's
    catching Sander K 2x's
    Danny T
    not paying for many parties
    excellent mexican food
    I avoided Ham and cheese sandwiches
    not getting sunburnt
    lack of hangovers
    no attitude and we partied like rockstars.
    1 gallon Stoli and Monster mojitos

    anyway plans are already in the works for 2011.

    I hope you enjoyed the reviews
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2010
  3. BeatPhreaker

    BeatPhreaker TRIBE Member

    Ultra 2010

    I attended Ultra on Saturday. It was incredible!!! It was our first time down so we decided to get VIP passes. They allowed us to go backstage which was cool but that was about the only major benefit. I wouldn't get them again. The best venue inside was by far the Carl Cox and friends arena. My afternoon/evening consisted of Morillo, Sasaha and Digweed and Carl back to back. Sasha and Digweed absolutely killed it. I can't wait to download that set. Carl's set was amazing as well. The lighting and sound set ups where the best I've ever seen and heard. Earlier in the day we checked out Dj Icey on the breaks stage. The beats were sic but unfortunatley that stage didn't get a lot of love from the event organizers. It was tucked away and was difficult to hear unless you were close. You would of thought there would have been a lot more people considering Icey is local to the area. On the bright side of things Icey's dancers were SOOOOO sexy. I've got some video footage if you want to see. It was amost like getting a lap dance but without the touching. lol.
  4. oeretS

    oeretS TRIBE Member

    Truly, I'll never remember all the parties I hit but I'll try to list off a few.
    This trip was incredibly fun - weather was near perfect, music was beyond top notch, and the friendliness of everyone was unexpected for me. I was ready for a lot more douchebaggery and it never really appeared, at least at the parties I attended. Pretty much everyone down there were music lovers looking to get drunk and dance in the sun - you can't really go wrong with that type of outlook.

    I'll be back next year for sure - already working on an event with some people down there.

    I'll post some pics and vids later this week

    Some events I remember:


    This was the first party I hit, at a place called Mint. Very nice club, and the open bar helped warm things up. Music was OK, Darren Emerson looks really fat these days.


    This jam at Love Hate was rocking like crazy. Caught Ken ECB, Joshua Iz, Heather and Farina here, and we danced up on stage which was really fun.



    this was really chill, some nice disco beats getting thrown down. Got to talk music with Hot Toddy from Crazy P, which was awesome.


    Apt 5 Years In Your Ears

    This was one of the best parties - very intimate as it went down in a small hotel lobby. Tons of Toronto people and a very friendly crowd.


    again, an incredible party. Shore Club is gorgeous and the music was really old school. Carl Craig finished up in the Red Room with a dirty set.
  5. oeretS

    oeretS TRIBE Member



    came hear to check Agoria and he wasn't playing until way later. Hit up the Clevelander instead and listened to trance.


    Spent most of the day here. This was the unofficial ugh.net party so I wanted to meet a lot of those guys. Was successful, also got to hang out with dudes like Hector Morales, Phil Weeks, Tommy Largo. Everyone was super cool.


    the Delano was probably the nicest hotel I saw while down there. Gilles Peterson played a beautiful set right as the sun went down, as we sat drinking at a table in the pool, which was about 6 inches deep. Definitely one of the highlights.


    this was killer as you can imagine.


    Stareted Saturday at the Clevelender, met up with some Toronto kids like Kyfe and others, and hit up that Basic NYC Party. Saw Doc Martin and Farina, loved them both. Apparently Tom Middleton killed it later, wish I could have seen that.

    I have a great video of this crazy dude dancing in a flower bed at this party, will have to post it up.


    This was definitely one of the best nights of music I've ever had. Dubtribe did all their hits to an adoring crowd, then The Revenge dropped some real nu-disco jams. Crazy P followed up with a killer live set, then Aeroplane closed the main area with some dope italo disco. Inside, Metro Area just killed the crowd with a set of pitched up disco. Amazing.



    Last party of WMC and one of the best. Awesome people and music. Luke Fair played one of the best sets I heard. Spent almost 7 hours here drinking giant marguaritas. Bently rooftop is definitely one of the more fun and chill spots to party at.

    pics to come!
  6. Wiseman

    Wiseman TRIBE Member

    Rich, my hatred for you right now runs deep. I don't know if I can even speak to you right now.
  7. Spinsah

    Spinsah TRIBE Member

    So you'd disagree with Diplo?

  8. mariazmess

    mariazmess TRIBE Member

    good lord.
  9. oeretS

    oeretS TRIBE Member

    definitely disagree. There was a whole hipster party thing happening which I was not a part of - most of it was going on in Miami proper, and I wasn't too keen on leaving South Beach.

    A bunch of people I talked to said the hipster/electro jams sucked.
  10. Spinsah

    Spinsah TRIBE Member

    Makes sense given that SXSW was going down at pretty much the same time.
  11. oeretS

    oeretS TRIBE Member

    yeah I'm sure Austin took some quality out of the indie dance parties in Miami.

    In other news, I came home with a Shamwow hat, autographed by Slap chopping hooker beating Vince himself
  12. SneakyPete

    SneakyPete TRIBE Member

    Nice lineup!
  13. basilisk

    basilisk TRIBE Member

    DJ Mez stole the show!
  14. kyfe

    kyfe TRIBE Member

    lol really that's awesome.

    As for the diplo statement aside from the beatport party I didn't really encounter much. But like Rich we didn't really leave southbeach.
  15. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    whoa! i love shore club!
  16. Thrill_House

    Thrill_House TRIBE Promoter

  17. Rage

    Rage TRIBE Member

    Mes is amazing...somebody needs to bring him here
  18. tobywan

    tobywan TRIBE Member

    that sounds dreamy.
  19. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    ^ it was. And GP played again the next night in the FL Room @ Delano with ?uestlove, Yameen Allword MC'd. Another great gig. He'll be hitting TO and Mtl in August...he's bringing a Cuban performer (to the Mtl gig, not sure of the TO one)

    obviously did not get to hit all the gigs i wanted to check out...

    Shelter party @ Shine - nice way to ease into the conference. Timmy is always so "you will dance to this track NOW" - no long mixes, just tune after tune.

    Paradise Garage - Tribute to Mel Cheren with Quentin and Krivit. It was nice to feel young at a party! Quentin threw down the cuts of anthems past and present. One of the best sets I'd heard from him. Krivit's set was very much in his current state of evolution. Very lyrical but not necessarily vocal. Obscure, less well-known tracks. Larry would've been proud. Loved the decor at Score. Still want to steal the Tokidoki Cactus Pup.

    DT @ Parkwest - sound system in there is still top notch when in the right hands. You knew DT was going to have a good conference. This warm up took us to the edge of Phase 4...he was already warming up for Score. People try to leave, but they always get pulled back. I'M IN MIAMI BITCH!

    Detroit Party @ Shore Club - great venue but energy was not what i expected i guess due to gorgeous outdoor venue vs dark warehouse sounds. Missed KDJ *sigh* Needs 2 more stacks at the other end of pool. Got into the Red Room just in time for the rain to start pouring.

    GP @ Delano - caught only GP's set. Latin and salsa beats speckled with jazzy tunes he's been playing over the last year, some kode9 hyperspace dub tunes here and there. Went off on K'Naan's America.

    DT @ Score This is always the party of the conference for me. Lineup until 4am outside of everyone trying to come in. Knuckles, Tom Stephan (Superchumbo), Chus & Ceballos, Quentin, all came to pay their respects. Capacity crowd until mandatory lockdown @ 5:30am. Party went on until 8am and DT was in marathon mode. Tom Stephan initiated as DT's sister after being manhandled by the "ladies", thrown on a pair pumps and WERK'D the floor (walk for me, walk for me, walk walk walk walk...). The GAGA was his tune of the conference - he calls it his Crazy Bitch remix. Fashion baby. Anthony Lamont climbing down from the stage, getting her heels caught, lap dancing can't remember who at the bar, serving up a portuguese breakfast - a little sausage, a couple eggs and whole side of jambon. Can't believe he use to be a drill sargeant. ViVacious also serving with her white latex gaga outfit. This party is always magic and it's a combination of so many factors - the dtourists on the floor, in a gay club, punchy sound system, lockdown, and no pressure for DT to do his thang, unscripted shenanigans from the hosts. Missing was Alan T but that's a whole 'nother story. Despite DT's constant bitching about hiphop - he had a little spiel about how it has influenced him and laid down a few classic hiphop riffs. Gagging over the "organic tech" direction he's headed. He's put this funky electric bass line intro to "don't you want to dance", and his edits have been speckled with jazzy keys, flutes and horns. Last track of the day was a rough cut of a new tune he's done with a flute overlay. No name, can't remember who the performer was, but the tune has some legs.

    GP & ?uestlove @ Delano GP started right were he left off the night before - replaying his last few tunes before going into his set. The Backstabbing Angie Stone rmx blew the roof off. ?uest had a very digestible set - quick in's and out's, all very recognizable stuff vs Gilles' crate digging. Yameen was a fly MC. Great energy, even GP stayed late to party with everyone.

    DT @ Shelbourne pool party with the Jersey Shore. Hetero-challenged supposedly straight boys pretending they're Esther Williams. I don't get it. But DT wanted to play so badly he immediately announced an afterhours gig...

    Tom Stephan & Peter Rauhoufer @ Dream caught only part of Tom's set. He'd taken the heels off.

    ...DT @ Mekka which was really That Kid Chris' label party. Tedd Patterson had a great warm up followed by D-Formation serving some delicious techno beats. Dt played like 6 tunes and couldn't get his equipment to work right. Soundman Andy tried but new club, untuned soundsystem, his sample crapped out the entire thing. If he can't do it right, momma won't do it at all. Unfortunate as he showed up with all his gear including extra fans for cooling.

    Heard Sunday School for Degenerates and Circo Loco were the places to be. Missed Adam Beyer, Tom Middleton, Matthias Tanzmann and Luciano sets around the conference. Also disappointed that despite all 3 being in town, no Body & Soul party.

    Great conference!
  20. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    And great reviews, with words not flyers :)
  21. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    Michelangelo dressed up as a shark at the Shelbourne pool party - how could i forget! RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAWRRRRRRRR
  22. kyfe

    kyfe TRIBE Member

    So which was the best party you hit?
    Mine was Danny @ score it was untouchable
  23. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    Definitely DT @ Score. Hands down.
  24. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member


    There's Anthony serving up breakfast
  25. kyfe

    kyfe TRIBE Member

    the flyers are for those who cannot read:)

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