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Wmc 2006

Discussion in 'House Room' started by JOSHB, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. JOSHB

    JOSHB TRIBE Member

    Who from the House Room is going?
  2. VinylRach

    VinylRach TRIBE Promoter

    if i listen to house....does that mean i'm part of the house room? Cuz i'm going :)
  3. JOSHB

    JOSHB TRIBE Member

    Besides you....
  4. Lil'Timmy

    Lil'Timmy TRIBE Promoter

    I'd really like to try this year
  5. chooch

    chooch TRIBE Member

    weeally Tim?:)
  6. VinylRach

    VinylRach TRIBE Promoter

    Thanks buddy :(
  7. Lil'Timmy

    Lil'Timmy TRIBE Promoter

    Yeah really
  8. JOSHB

    JOSHB TRIBE Member

    I already know youre going....duh!
  9. VinylRach

    VinylRach TRIBE Promoter

  10. Wiseman

    Wiseman TRIBE Member

    maybe.............all depends on cash flow.
  11. Big Boss

    Big Boss TRIBE Promoter

    March 24th to 28th? Aren't those dates a little weird? Isn't that like a Friday to a Tuesday?
  12. tim patrick

    tim patrick TRIBE Member

    I thought it was extended this year?

    March 18-26th?
  13. Jonesy

    Jonesy TRIBE Member

  14. Skipper

    Skipper TRIBE Member

    Really want to check this out this year.
  15. tonep

    tonep TRIBE Member

    the conference is the 24th to the 28th, firday to a tuesday or some shit... the week before is the miami music conference which is different, it's alot of hip hop and shit... figured this out over the weekend, as i am in south florida and was in Miami this weekend..

    they used this format (friday to wednesday) in the past, it works out pretty well

    JOSHB, i booked our room at the Chesterfield agian....

    fucks yeah!
  16. F.Aquino

    F.Aquino TRIBE Member

    bbqmusic will be representing with another quality event...

    Details forth coming..

    Just like last year I'm very interested in filling most of the line-up with toronto talent so hit me up if your gonna be down in Miami...


  17. JOSHB

    JOSHB TRIBE Member

    How was Migs?
  18. tonep

    tonep TRIBE Member

    absolutely fucking sweet... saw migs back to docs for some early morning partying...

    Raoul next saturday....hoot!
  19. JOSHB

    JOSHB TRIBE Member

    Im sure Dr's was good time. Tell him I said what's up...
  20. tonep

    tonep TRIBE Member

    4 sure, im sure he'll be calling you this week
  21. JOSHB

    JOSHB TRIBE Member

    ^^Im sure...:D
  22. physix

    physix TRIBE Member

    it's always a week after my spring break!


    i'm gonna formally request a change at my school
    next year!

  23. tobywan

    tobywan TRIBE Member

    ME!!!...I'm definately not missing out this march...didn't make it this past march, and missed some fantastic adventures.
  24. koojmak

    koojmak TRIBE Member

    if i could cross the border i'd be sooo there....maybe after my pardon....maybe...
  25. DancingQueen169

    DancingQueen169 TRIBE Member


    I need to see what the $$$ situation is like by then

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