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WMC 2006 - Miami

Prickly Pete

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Well I just got back and have slept only 2 hours since Friday.

Two of the best performances I saw were DJ's Are Alive and Deekline and Wizard.

Electro was fresh to me last year and over played this year.

Anything fishnets were in for girls (nylons, shirts, arm thingys, etc) and mohawks were still the fashionable thing for every dude there.

Full review of every DJ I saw when I get some more sleep.


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Left hotel at 8:30 am Eastern Time. Just got back at 12:45 am Pacific. More to come, but I can assure you a good time was had by all...



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This was my first time in South Beach, and let me tell you...it did not disappoint !! We spent our first day and night at Nikki Beach for the "Defected In The House" party. Banging ! The music was great and we couldn't stop moving for hours. Eventually made it upstairs, I think it was called Pearl ? I can't remember, my vision was pretty blurry at this point. We left around 2 or 3, and headed to Mansion for the "F*** Me I'm Famous" party. Outside was packed with people trying to get in, I have never seen anything like it. That being said we did not make it in. Too bad because the lineup looked killer !

Day two: went back down to Nikki Beach for something to eat and the line up had just started to form for the "Wetgrooves Pool Party." The music was bumpin' all day and night, someone played a version of the Beastie Boys song "Fight For Your Right" that blew me away. The ladies...wow the ladies were beautiful ! There were three girls with hoola hoops dancing and spinning to the music, they were awesome and put on a great show. We were able to shoot some great footage at this party.

Day three: spent the day walking around, checking stuff out, the boardwalk etc. Made it back to our hotel in the afternoon, booted up the laptop and looked for parties to go to. "Shine" at the Shelbourne Hotel is where we spent Saturday night. Armand Van Helden, Mark Farina, DJ Sneak, Todd Terry and Stretch Armstrong were there ripping things up. The vibe was crazy...hard bass pumpin' beats all night long.

I am probably forgetting alot of things but whatever, that pretty much sums up the trip. We will definetely be back next year with more time to spare, four days just don't cut it.

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Kung Po Beef

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I wonder who was playing at Snatch Sunday?

Jones arrested for dancing in the street.

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- Dancing in the street got Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Dhani Jones arrested.

Jones was charged with the misdemeanor of failure to obey a lawful command after he allegedly refused to stop dancing outside a South Beach club early Sunday, according to Miami Beach police.

"He refused several orders to get out of the street, and he was arrested," said police spokesman Bobby Hernandez on Monday.

An unidentified woman Jones was dancing with and several other people did get out of the street, Hernandez said. Police were responding to a call about traffic being blocked at 2:51 a.m. outside the Snatch Rock & Roll Bar and Lounge.

Jones, 28, signed an affidavit promising to appear in court for arraignment. It was not immediately clear Monday when that would occur or whether Jones, who lives in New York, had hired a lawyer.

The 6-foot-1, 240 pound Jones has played the past two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. He played in 16 games last season, recording 70 tackles and one interception. He was originally drafted out of Michigan by the New York Giants, where he played for four seasons.

Copyright 2006 Associated Press.

Prickly Pete

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Tuesday - March 21, 2006

The Mansion - DJ's Are Alive - 11pm till 5am
After spending the evening boozing, we arrived around 11ish to find a line-up of all guys. After spending 20 minutes in line, we realized they were only letting guys in if the brought girls. The Mansion is one of those fashionable image type clubs. After Toby convinced them that he was there from Flow doing a review, some of us got in while the rest of us convinced some random girls on the street to get the rest us of in.

I had been to this club last year and they definitely had made some changes. The old dance floor was now a bottle service section and a dance floor combined. Pretty lame.

Cevin Fisher. He was spinning some proggy electro. Nothing special and kind of boring.

DJ's Are Alive. The 5 DJ's (Scumfrog, D:FUSE, Static Revenger, Scribble, and Kristina W.) came on. I didn't know what to expect. They each had an electronic set up to play live on. Forgive my equipment knowledge but there were drum machines, guitars, saxophones, keyboards, more drum machines and decks. Each took turns playing each others equipment and singing live. Scribble stayed on the decks the whole time. Simply put, it was pretty amazing that all this was a live mixed set. The played (covered?) tracks such as Cassius - Sound of Violence, Shakedown - At Night, Bob Sinclar - Save our Souls, and Underworld - 2 months off. All vocals were sung by one of the DJ's. They played for about an hour and I would recommend if they ever come to Toronto to go see them.

Wednesday - March 22, 2006

The National Hotel - Remix Hotel - 2pm to 9pm
This was a cool event put on by Beatport amonst others. You could go to various rooms and preview such things as DVDJ equipment, Microsoft software products, pioneer products, etc. They had seminars by DJ's such as Deep Dish and Sander Kleinenberg. I didn't go to any of those seminars.

Out in the back at the end of the pool they had a stage set up for DJ's to preform and test some of the new equipment. It was a nice set up and the crowd was pretty good and danced a lot. Drinks were stupid Miami expensive: $13. I ran into Scumfrog and Cevin Fisher at the bar.

The warm up DJ was Mattie (Matt E?) Love. He was pretty good. Played an assortment of house and vocal house. At this point there wasn't a whole lot of people there. We left and got some cheaper booze and food.

DJ Krush. Only caught the last 20 minutes of his set when we returned. He was doing an sortment of tricks and remixing using some new pioneer equipment. Was playing breaks and house and really had the crowd going. Didn't recognize any of the tracks he was spinning.

Robbie Rivera. He played electro prog and was pretty good. It was my first time seeing Robbie and I have to say I enjoyed his set. As I find with prog, he did have some boringish tracks scattered in but overall I liked his set. He played for an hour.

Richard "Humpty" Vission. Continued with the electro prog. The first 20 minutes or so I enjoyed by then he got boring. It was very different from the other times I had heard him spin. No funkiness or quick mixing of break, house, dnb like I had heard him spin at the Guv or in Miami last year. Overall I thought his set was not good. He played for an hour.

Bad Boy Bill. He continued the electro house/prog theme. I enjoyed it cause he played some great tracks but by this time I was getting tired or the electro. Name a Steve Angello track (either Angello and Ingrosso, Who's Who, Angello, an Angello remix) and Bill probably played it. I was starting to wonder if Angello was paying him on the side. He played for an hour as well.

DJ Dan was scheduled to be there but didn't show up. Alex Gold showed up as the special guest closing set. I had never heard of this dude but his first two track had been played by Rivera and I said fuck it and left to go get cheaper booze.

Suite - Porterhouse - 10pm to 5am
Showed up around midnight and walked straight in. That was refreshing. The crowd was really rocking it out. One of the few places where the whole dance floor was dancing. $8 for a bottle of water. Bad Boy Bill and Richard Humpty Vission were there listening to the beats.

Mark Knight. Never heard him spin but he was spinning electro prog/house. Really good. I was soer and he had me dancing from the get go. I mean he played a remix of the miami vice theme, how could you not dance? He also played Avenue D - Are you a slut? (which I ended up buying the next day). Played till 2ish.

Steve Porter - First time hearing Porterhouse as its called. I enjoyed his set. Again it was electro prog/house. Opened with a remix of Will Smith - Miami and continued a string of dirty electro. He did through in the occasional boring prog track but overall had me dancing away for the hour and half of his set I heard. Left around 3:30 and he was still going strong.

Thrusday - March 23, 2006

The Fairwind - Rest, Relax, and Recover BBQ - 2pm to 7pm
Still the best deal of the conference with stellar line-ups. $20 for all you can drink Sangria and 2 BBQ food items. I was pretty drunk at this event. It did rain and the dance floor became a pool of water. This girl from LA put on a show for us. She had just gotten breast implants and decided she was going to show the dancefloor how nice they were. The DJ's were flashed on several occasions.

I can't give a proper review of each DJ cause I really didn't know who each one was and when I did hear who each one was I was too drunk to really remember much. It was all deep house varying from chunkier stuff to jazzier. I stayed for the whole time and danced my ass off. I was told the DJ's were Oliver Desmet, Raoul Belmans, and the Littlemen.

Nocturnal - Future Sound of Breaks - 10pm to 10am
Last year Nocturnal was shut down by building inspectors (supposedly set up by Space) but this year they had their shit together. We waited in line for a brief time before we got in. The club is 3 stories. The first floor is the dancefloor, the second floor is the DJ booth and is set up like the limelight with a catwalk/terrace looking down on the dancefloor. The third floor is outside and by far the nicest. DJ Dan was there "partying" on his night off he said.

DJ Shortee vs Analyze. These women had some skill. They were both scratching up a storm. And they both looked like they were having so much fun. I didn't really recognize anything they played but it was fun breaks. I mainly stayed and watched their skill on the decks. They played for about an hour.

Jen Lasher vs Baby Anne. Jen Lasher is kinda hot. I didn't hear much of their set as I was whisked away to the rooftop. Jen played some plump djs to start out.

Donald Glaude. First time hearing The Donald play breaks. He was playing new schoolish electro type stuff. He was up to his usual self stopping records and screaming "Everyone get the fuck up". There was nothing spectacular about his set but he certainly did a great job of spinning breaks. I enjoyed it and danced my ass off. Played for about 45 minutes. There were a lot of DJ's on the bill and each had about a 45 minute set.

Hyper. Rocked it out. Everything had an electro guitar flavour to it. Had the crowd rockin and me dancing. Again played for about 45 minutes and I really really enjoyed what he was spinning.

General Midi. Cranked the volume for his set. Was more a new school breaks flavour. But again I couldn't stop dancing and the rooftop was boucing.

Deekline and Wizard. The MC for the evening came on (his name was "The Head") and screamed "Who's ready for some booty house?". I wouldn't have called it booty house as it was a break beat but it had the booty house flavour or switching shit up fast. Hip hop lyrics, bits of popular old track from prodigy to underworld, sample from house tracks, etc. I am not sure who was Deekline and who was the Wizard. One was spinning and the other was on a laptop. It was by far the most fun set I heard and my favourite set of WMC. Just too much fun to dance too.

I had to leave at this point cause I was so exhausted from given it on the dancefloor. Was a great party and glad I went to this as a last minute decision over the F*** I am Famous party.

Friday - March 24, 2006

The National Hotel - Remix Hotel - 2pm to 9pm
Went back to the remix hotel for Friday afternoon. The lineup again had changed. I had come here to see Hatiras and Antoine Clamaran but both were removed from the bill.

James Zambiela. He was testing out pioneer equipment and showing off his skills with CD Decks. He would scratch, loop the scratch, and play it over the track flawlessly. He was working the effects machine too. His hands were going a mile a minute. Satoshi and Hector Romero was watching him and laughing and pointing at him working the equipment in amazement. He was playing prog breaks mainly. One question, how old is the dude? He looked about 15.

Marco Bailey vs Christian Varela. My first time seeing either and I nothing memorable even sticks out. It was a bit techier and with an electro sound but I didn't really pay attention, ie it was kind of boring.

Satoshi Tomiie vs Hector Romero. Started out with Electro house. Very funky electro. Different from the hard electro prog most DJ's were spinning. I only stayed about 30 minutes into their set as I wanted cheaper booze.

Nocturnal - Amonly - 10pm to 10am
Got there around 11 and waiting in line for an hour. Place was packed. The lineup outside was huge. Even when we left at 3:30 the lineup was still massive and they were still letting people in. It was too much on the rooftop and people were being idiots.

DJ Dan. Played hard. Harder and techier than I have heard Dan play in some time. Mainly with an electro flavour. Tracks such as Avenue D - Are you a Slut, Buy Now - For sale and ended his set with a little more funkier with Love for the Weekend. Overall it was a good set and he had the dance floor rockin. Played for about an hour.

Bad Boy Bill. His first 3 track were exactly the same as he played on Wednesday which was retarded. I left and went to the roof.

DJ Hell. Played some interesting techy electro harder stuff. Quirky almost. It was entertaining cause it was like nothing else I had heard at the conference. I enjoyed it but I didn't really get me dancing. Played for about an hour.

David Guetta. Proggy house but was fun. Of course there was electro scattered in there (at this point if you didn't play electro of some sort I was pretty sure they kicked you of the conference and sent you home). Played a remix of "Where the Streets Have No Name". Played for just over an hour.

Hyper. Hyper had just come on in the breaks lounge. Again was playing similar tracks to the night before and my body was done. We left about 3 tracks into his set. Crowd was really enjoying him though.

So this took me a long time to write and is a long review. I will do an Ultra review later in a seperate post.

My favourite set was Deekline and Wizards with DJ's are alive a close second.

I had made it a point this year to try and check out DJ's I had seen before and was happy I did as I heard some great DJ's that rarely make it to Toronto.
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ok so just got back...quick reviews with more longer ones to follow...
Paul Van Dyk and Sander Kleinberg @ Space
PVD was rocking the crowd with his usual trance downstairs, crowd was eating it up, only stuck it out for 45 minutes or so as Rene Averez was dropping one hell of a dirty tribal set upstairs on the terrace...man that was something else. great in to Sander who just tore the place apart. LOVE that terrace at space

David Waxman, Tom Novy @ Opium Garden
You gotta love dancing under the stars, what a gorgeous venue...great tunes, lots of women...waxman dropped this remix of another one bites the dust, just sick.

Danny Tenaglia - Day
Tiesto - Night
ok, Danny's set was probablly the best of the conference for me...but the crowd...MY GOD it was the single WORST crowd I have experienced in all my years of partying...SHIRTLESS, steroid ginos EVERYWHERE...IT WAS GROSS. This can not be what Danny wants at his shows...the girls I were with were freaked right out and left. I mean, the sketch factor was through the roof, add to it is daylight and the whole thing just made for a terrible experince. New Jersey was WELL represented this WMC and it gets WORSE every year.

Tiesto @ Mansion
Ok say what you want about Tiesto and his music, this guy brings the party... I have seen him about 20 times over the years and this was BY FAR the most fun I have had seeing him. Mansion is the best big club I have been too... stunning inside, GREAT layout and the stage was amazing! tiesto dropped all of the regular teisto tracks...Lethal Industry, Traffic etc...was a great way to end the WMC.

one last thing...THE SHORE CLUB SUCKS. the rooms are a joke, the service is pathetic...and this for OUTRAGEOUS $$$$ NEVER...EVER stay there...go at night to vist and have drinks tho the pool when all lit up is something else.
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Prickly Pete

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Wiseman said:
Great Review Darren, but did you go to any shows with good djs?
who wants individualism... how about next time you give me a list of deep house DJ's you were prefer me to go see and I will do that for you...


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Wiseman said:
Great Review Darren, but did you go to any shows with good djs?
lol, I was wondering the same thing.
Here's what I got from Darren's review:

electro prog
Steve Angello
more electro prog
cheaper booze.

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here's what i got out of greg gow sunday morning...

richie hawtins' party @ BED was amazing,packed full of people losing thier shit,richie was on some 1999 tip,wrecking it DE909 style.

adam beyer played the best set of the weekend...that is all.


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y'all give Pete a hard time but by all accounts you were all too cheap to go yourselves this year. the guy takes the time to type out a pretty detailed description of his time in SoBe and you give him a hard time? weak and lame people. weak and lame.


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Snapple said:
y'all give Pete a hard time but by all accounts you were all too cheap to go yourselves this year. the guy takes the time to type out a pretty detailed description of his time in SoBe and you give him a hard time? weak and lame people. weak and lame.
haha, post WMC rage rears its predictable head!
I was just joking. If I actually thought it was a shit review, I wouldn't have read the whole thing.
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Prickly Pete said:
Tribe has a pretty massive bandwagon... make one comment and everyone jumps on... you should know that by now... happens in every review thread...
Darren, just to clarify, I'm glad you posted your review, and I read the whole thing. I was really just commenting on the fact that you don't seem to have heard anything that really excited you - I hope that's not the case though, and I just mis interpreted.
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