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WMC 2006 Exclusive mix

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Apology for the delay, here is the tracklisting:

Mi Casa Hot Vol. 2
WMC 2006 Exclusive Mix
Cyruss Sanchez

1. Esperenza – Chus & Penn (Dj Spen & Gary Hudge remix) – Defected Records
2. Front 2 Back – Playgroup feat. KC Flight (Todd Terry remix) – Defected Records
3. God Made Me Phunky – Dj Spen & Karizma – Code Red Recordings
4. You Can Make It – Shawn Christopher feat. Ron Carroll (B’s Preacher-Man mix) – Soulfuric Recordings
5. He’s Alright – Jasper Street Company (Gianni Coletti’s remix) – Basement Boys Records
6. With Him – Jay-J feat. Charlene Moore – Defected Records
7. My Heart Belongs To You – Melba Moore (Ron Carroll’s BMC Vocal Classic mix) – Soulfuric Recordings
8. Watcha Gonna Do – Jon Cutler & Michael Watford – MN2S
9. I Don’t Want You Anymore – The Muthafunkaz feat. Mark Evans – Soul Heaven Records
10. Feelin Love – Soulsearcher (Ian Carey Main Mix) – Soulfuric Deep
11. Swimming Place – Julian Jabre – Defected Records
12. Join The Disco Ride – Direct Disco (Original Full Spoken Mix) – Purple Tracks
13. Prophecy – Simon Grey feat. Abby Joyce – Purple Music
14. Stereo Flava – Hi Fi Mike (Jamie Lewis Main Mix) – Purple Music Inc.
15. Wonderful Place – Blaze feat. Ultra Nate – King Street
16. We Had a Thing – Abstract Truth (Matty’s Body & Soul Vocal mix) – Wave Music