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Wmc 2004 Announced


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I hope this hasn`t been posted yet but WMC 2004 has been announced, who`s in?????

On March 6- 10, 2004 thousands of music industry professionals will gather in Miami Beach for dance music's most anticipated event of the year. Winter Music Conference, in its 19th year, is regarded as the singular networking event in the industry, attracting professionals from over 60 different countries. With its high concentration of top international artists, DJs and industry professionals, WMC permeates the international press and is thereby one of the most publicized events in the business. Every aspect of the industry is represented including the top technological innovators, artists, DJs, producers, radio and video programmers, retailers, distributors, audio manufacturers and many more. There are countless reasons why people from all over the world return year after year for this event, the most outstanding one being that there is nothing else in the world like it.

Industry Development
Currently, the music industry is undergoing a profound structural metamorphosis. CDR's, MP3's and other new technologies are forever changing the ways in which people create, buy, sell and listen to music. Such matters are among the many that will be debated at Winter Music Conference 2004. The WMC program will bring together informed professionals to present new ideas, discuss industry issues, and build new inroads for business development. Meetings and seminars will focus on topics such as market strategies, artist development, copyrighting, publishing, writing contracts, artist management, distribution, radio, promotion, internet retailing, and the media, just to name a few. With more than 30 important meetings and seminars on the agenda for 2004, WMC will continue its mission to provide a decisive global platform for resolving the current challenges and stimulating new industry growth and revenue.

Artists and DJs
The level of exposure Winter Music Conference provides for artists and DJs is invaluable. WMC offers unlimited opportunities for DJs and artists to network and have their music heard by A&R reps, labels, and an international audience of music industry professionals. The Demo Listening Workshops, CD compilation, poolside performance stage, DJ Spin Off and a host of other performance events, showcases and release parties throughout the week offer limitless opportunities for innovative DJs and artists to break out of the box. Venues throughout Miami feature a non-stop schedule of nighttime events showcasing legendary artists and DJs from all over the world. One of the most exciting aspects of WMC is the convergence of industry executives, press, and A&R reps, as well as artists and DJ's of all levels, bumping heads on the dance floors and rubbing elbows at the bar, while enjoying their favorite DJs spinning on the decks.WMC will also present the 19th annual International Dance Music Awards, revered as the premier annual awards event for the dance and electronic music industry. Nowhere other than WMC will you experience such diverse and unique talents gathered together to share one week of exclusive music industry events.

International Marketplace
The leading products, sounds and services from all over the globe are showcased at the WMC marketplace. See the latest innovations and breakthroughs in technology. In the WMC Exhibit Hall, you may also discover distributors, record labels, instruments, DJ hardware, sound equipment, music publications, internet and software technology, apparel, CD duplicators and much more. Because the Exhibit Hall is entirely hands-on, you ultimately become an intrinsic part of the whole experience. If you are looking for exposure, the WMC Marketplace is a prime opportunity to present your product or service directly to your market
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I totally want to go! how much is the flight? I might be able to get a place to stay...so all I need is flight, food and party money.


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Last year was some pretty outta control crazy shizat..
I still dunno what stood out the most.. Toss up between the drunk ass guy that stumbled into Drea on our way to the liquor store and had completely no idea his country was at that very moment beginning to wage war with another country, OH! or maybe the scooter we rented saving serious cash on cab fare and headaches at the end of a long club night for a way back to the hotel. I think handz down it definitely has to be seeing Uberzone at Ultra, (30 000 thousand peeps attendin) getting my groove on with SIX THOUSAND other breakers at the breaks stage, dang orgazmic mang!

No disrespect to any of you who ain't feeling Miami but I thought it was pure clubbing paradise. Surely most can agree, you know your in the right city when it's a toss up between Fat Boy Slim or going to the one of the many super clubs that gets heeps of top name DJ headliners all playing in crazy pimped out seperate rooms!?
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Dr Funk MD

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I've never been to this and I just got word that I could get a super cheep flight to florida if I wanted.

Can any old sucker off the street get into these parties or do you have to be attending and pay muchos $$ to sign up?

<-- desires hot beats and warm sand badly.


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Originally posted by Noodles0
how long would it take to drive to miami?
If you went straight through, it's 20-24 hours, with minor stops.
Florida is about the same distance from Toronto as Halifax is, so I'm basing it on that...

Special K

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Originally posted by Dr Funk MD
I've never been to this and I just got word that I could get a super cheep flight to florida if I wanted.

Can any old sucker off the street get into these parties or do you have to be attending and pay muchos $$ to sign up?

<-- desires hot beats and warm sand badly.
there are alot of free parties

but if u want to go a club like SPACE you can expect to pay 40+US a night...
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The ultra party's are off the hook! It cost about $50us to get in, and that sounds steep, but the people you meet, and all the stages are totally worth it!

Anyone heading down this year should'nt miss it!