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wizzy noise - cyclotron


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1 07'20" Cyclotron
2 07'07" Radius
3 06'59" Oxidizer
4 07'41" Velocity Engine
5 07'44" Tau Ceti
6 07'39" Technophobia
7 07'15" Painful Memory
8 07'14" Tribal Dawn
9 09'37" Unfullfilled Desires
X 05'00" Exodus

out now! i've heard most of it at least once and i highly approve - techno vs trance fusion at its best. i'd post this in the techno forum actually but some people are too damn close-minded and i don't have time to waste "converting" people :p

unfortunatly, like most "goa" releases these days, its CD-only...

also see http://www.wizzynoise.gr/ for some sick wallpapers and more info
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i've been waiting for this one.. i'm sure at least half the tracks are storming wizzy style.


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there are some killers, and also some plodding technoid numbers... i dont have a good copy though - just AG shit. gonna wait a few months to see if anyone picks this up for a vinyl release then make a tough decision [i fucking hate buying cds]..

Cheap Ego

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I haven't bought psytrance CD releases from Metropolis in a long time - seems really expensive. How much do they average over there? are they usually over $25?
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yeah they're not cheap and they never have much in the way of new releases or variety... psy/goa isn't profitable for them it would appear (course i would counter that you can't sell crap so stock good stuff and there won't be that problem)... www.saikosounds.com will probably get it to you quicker and cheaper... certainly if they still have a sale on that CD.

Cheap Ego

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thanks for the tip.

I was actually comparing the cost to that of purchasing via psyshop, which is the only music store I'm currently using.

But saiko, like trancetrax, has some nice discounts here and there which I may consider sometime soon enough.

what do you think of the new skazi disc?