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wisdom teeth/non smoking tips?!?! HELP


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has anyone had their wisdoms out.....i just got all 4 out and i need some creative food ideas.
also i am using this as an opportunity to quit smoking...any suggestion.....and no, dont even try is not a suggestion!
thanks peace


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Soup soup soup.

That's all I could eat when I got mine yanked.

But I didn't quit smoking.

Shit did my breath stink after a week though. The stitches you'll have will hold the smell.



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I (drank) soup and ate lots of baby food, i know that sounds kinda gross but its actually good! Mmmm...strained apricots!!! :)


evil homer

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just do not smoke no matter trust me, one of my good friends ended up getting dry socket and spent months in the hospital, not cool.

i liked slushy;s (in the warmth) and oatmeal (in the cool)
cornmeal and hot water makes this mush that is actually really nice with just salt and peper and fried onions
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I can't believe after all you have suffered you had to get your wisdom teeth out too!! That sux.. but at least your getting all the pain over with at once!!!

When I had mine out my mom would put all different kinds of fruit in the blender and make me a fruit smooothie thing. It was SOOOO good and really filling. I highly recommend it if you have a blender!!

Feel better soon sweetie!
When will we see you out again???


PS Perfect time to quit smoking!! Just do it...it will be worth it in the end!!!

Uncle Bobby

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Two Words...Frozen Daqueri (sp?)

The ice will numb your pain a little and whatever pain it leaves behind, the alcohol will take care of.

Alcoholic Uncle Bobby.