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Wintergalactic Review...


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48 hours
1.5 hours of sleep
17 hours of work
2 parties

and no.. I dont do jib...

Now on to the review.. since you all know im a freak newayz.

There was one reason and one reason only for most peoples presence at this party. A man that goes by the name of DJ TIESTO.

We will get to him in a moment.

Door opens late.. nice lineup. ENOUGH cops.. and ofcourse.. the wonderful High Profile Security team.

Ravestar used the Docks to their full advantage. They really decked that place up. Video projections (more than just the DJ lineup) Pyrotechnics, confetti cannons, it all pretty much impressed me. And since im an 'intelligent lighting' bitch.. I was happy with the amount and set up of the lights.

If you were to throw a party at the Docks.. I believe that last night had the perfect amount of people. My guess.. 2000-2500 people.

Lets get on to the good stuff here...

The Sets:

St. Pete: Tracks good.. mixing blah.. heard it before.. nothin new.

Another Astronaut & Jonny Quest: Well lets see since I have heard them every Wed at The Livingroom for the last hmmmm... 4 months. I must say they threw down a damn good set. It actually surprised me.. to a degree. The Livingroom crew wanted to buy them new tracks becuase we tended to hear them OVER and OVER and OVER again. But now they come up with a good set? shesh.. thanx guyz.

Marty McFly aka Jelo Pudding Superstar
Madam Lynx aka Queen Diva of the tables

YES! You all actually missed the Jelo pudding.. who cares about the set.. it was sweet.. but when ya got a wrestling match in Jelo pudding.. I mean.. common.. priorities here.

This what you MUST read..


My dear fucking lord allmighty hollyshit I have never been so amazed in my entire fucking life.
He is a trance god. A hollyman of the tables. Heard enough ranting? Okay.. lets get technical. The tracks selection was beyond incredible. Go figure that he produced basicly all of them himself. When you heard him spin you not only saw a brillant DJ, but a amazingly talented producer as well. The anthems were well spread out over the 3.5 hours. Didnt give the crowd to much time to catch their breath before going insane again. This is when you know you have talent... 3 turntables.. for trance.. ever see it before? No? Well its very hard to achieve, and he worked them all brillantly. Beat matching was PERFECT. Every track.. all three hours.. I didnt hear a beat go unmatched once. Mixing I would say was his weakest point here. Slowly mixing track A to B.. crossfader.. 1/4.. then BAM.. he punches it up to just past 3/4 will what I am guessing almost full base. Hearing the track being that pronouced was kinda distastefull in my opinion. However once he got into the track, deargoddamn! I never thought half of the tracks that were spun could ever sound that good. Brillant timing on tremble/bass cuts and buildups. It all worked so perfectly. Incase you havent realized allready he spun for 3.5 hours. This guy just fucked me up on the dancefloor. Very stong beginning to the set.. died off a tad in terms of tracks nearing the 2.5 hours mark, but ended with enough pizzaz to make you want to see him again tonight. I dont know what more to say about this set. It was one of the best trance sets I have EVER heard in over three years of partying.

Party ended early at 6:30. But it ended with Tiesto. Mark Scaife.. no matter how good.. just wouldnt have made it a memorable end.

Now I know there are gonna be people bitching about the crowd that was there. Seemed a little bit more like a Sat at Tonic than a party. Butnevertheless.. gino or raver, tall or short, candykid or junglist, the entire place went nutz for Tiesto's set. It was refreshing seeing people brought together by the music.

Did I mention Tiesto is a god? Im sorry.. i still cant get over it.

Give awayz all night.. CD's.. glowsticks and necklaces(woohoo).. but nevertheless.. still a great idea.

Now for the ugly...

The two dacning beauties were mmm mmm good. They stayed to the side.. did their GO-GO thing. But Mr. Musclehead *puke* sorry.. line has to be drawn somewhere. No judgement on him.. just get the hell out of way when a god is spinning. I want to see talent on the tables.. not nipply pecks.

Shamless selfpromotion on the Mic.. dear god.. we know Ravestar brought in Tiesto.. dont need to remind us 20million times about it.

2 OD's.. no deaths.

Didnt catch the Stickmen spin.. cant be everywhere at once.

Overall it was a fucking wicked party. 3.5 hours of Tiesto made my night.. take away him and you would of had nothing.

PaRtYKiD's rating 7.5/10



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I really shouldn't have read that review. I think I'm going to find a building to jump off of now.


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Well I have to correct Corey on a couple of small things....I only listened to Tiesto until 4:20 and I heard him screw upi 3 mixes noticably, I will agree that he fixed them very quickly, but nonetheless NOT perfect!

Attendance was more like 11-1200 people, not 2000+......

The closing of both the other rooms was kinda crappy, we lost all the cool air....

Decorations were kinda shoddy with the icicle room being decked out in strands of gimp and a few chili looking icicles.....

I think that although the Ravestar crew had some good ideas and a pretty hot shit dj this party wasn't exactly the way they invisioned it.....

Did I mention about the kid who was busted for dealing inside? He made a break for the front door at around 2:30 where he was caught by the police outside the door...upon arresting him they searched him only to find a GUN AND A KNIFE that he had with him INSIDE THE PARTY!!!!!


Kinda puts things in a different light doesn't it?????????????????

Astroboy out!


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nipply pecks! Ha ha....you just made my day PartyKid.

As for the tall building suggestion, sounds good. We can hold hands while we do it!


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partykid....you must have the stamina of an 8 year old kid cos every week ur posting a review here..sheesh. I dunno how you can work so much and still party as much as you (apparently) do.....


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HEY,... did anyone attend this awesomely amazing pawty at the DOCS last nite? o my gosh it was amazing... i got the about 30 mins. before the door opend,... sat and talked to some kool kids inline.... then entered.. it was beutiful.. ive been to the DOCS once before for hulla 14... it was awesome then but a bit packed.. not at all like this pawty... it was tiny and you had so much room to shake your ass.... Trek~E, Anabloic, MARTY<oh yea... and madame lynx were all dope az hell... i just danced in that room the whole damn nite.. i wondered once into the jungle room and the main room just to see what was up.. they were all rawking pritty good.. and everyone was having the time of there lives....also i was sober and i was only asked if i needed E once.. in my opinion there wasent alota kids on drugs at all at this pawty .. that was also awesome... since when we walked in everyone was handed flyers sayin that wintergalactic was the pawty to determine if raves would still go on in TORONTO.. so there was alota cops, and narcs... but everyone waS friendly.. anyway after madame lynx and mawty batteled out it was time for the wrestling... OHYEA BABY BUST OUT DA' JELL-O.. he he he ...i lil' infalatable pool was broght out.... marty and lynx fought it out,.. and oh i say madame lynx won hands down.. sowwie marty you know i love u but gurls kik ass(literally)
anyway after the jello war i was a bit sticky but grabbed my hommie adam who lives for teisto and rushed us up to the front... very quickly... now i havent heard mych teisto.. i lil' but not enough to love him.. i do like him though.. buyt after yesterday i think hes amazing and have so much more respect for him.. his set may not have been amazing but from where i was standing i could see his facial expressions and his excitement and you could tell the man has a true love for what he does.. i had goosebumps and near tears a couple of times.. but i jus closed my eyes and danced.. it was beutiful... not to mention the glittery confetti and pyrotechnics,, ive never seen them at a pawty before.. i was so close to the stage i thought my face was on fire..... anyway itwas an great pawty... i meant alota kool toronto kids... and the vibe was amazing.. thank you rave star for showing this buffalo bean a good time....
love and huggz,


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I never said his mixes were perfect. His mixing is his weakest talent. I said his beatmatching was perfect.
And if anyone wants to start to try to say that mixing is JUST beatmatching... please go right ahead.

I saw one security guard with the guy before he made a dash for it. Security had just found a knife on him. The guard was inspecting the blade as if it were a waterbotle. He didnt call for anyone.. nor did it look like the guard was in any urgency to do anything. Not until the guy ran newayz.. then all shit broke loose. Ride'em cowboy! HOYA! Security dashing around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Yes its kinda scary that someone in that party had a gun.

Im not going to comment on that anymore.. because who knows the guyz mental state. Anyone with a gun is a dangerous person.

damn and I thought they were stringent with searches. That must have been a real slap in the face for High Profile.



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tiesto is a god!!! his set was amazing. the party had a very friendly vibe and the jello fight ruled. yeah, that bare cheasted guy dancing right by the dj was annoying, half of the party he was running and shoving everyone around. it was nice how they had that chill out space (with the tables and chairs),by the breaks room but it was demented of them to close it right after marty's set. some ppl can't stand on their feet for over 6 hours, they will need to sit down eventually, and the floor is not the best place to do that(unless you like having gum,cigarette butts and/or chunks of puke stuck to your ass). overall the party was AMAZING, the only weird thing was that i saw a bunch of men in their late fifties hitting on young girls.
...Oh and what's up with all those strippers?


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thanx Natalie..

I try to make the reviews as accurate as possible. I sometimes step on peoples feet in the process. But I want to get out reviews that are the truth, not politically correct.

Hey.. maybe one day a Superstar editor *cough*alex*cough* will actually publish my reviews.


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tiesto blew me away, and i was lucky enough to get his autograph too! does anyone know what the decision was regarding the decision for the future of T.O parties? btw, security was evil.



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Tiesto - shit man! It was epic. I say with no reservations that his set revitalized my love of raving.


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all i can say is what an amazing party! Dj Tiesto-perfect, perfect set! never heard any other trance set better than that! and even the opening of the set was just perfect!thats all, all of you that were there know exactly what i mean


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all i can say is what an amazing party! Dj Tiesto-perfect, perfect set! never heard any other trance set better than that! and even the opening of the set was just perfect!thats all, all of you that were there know exactly what i mean
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all i can say is what an amazing party! Dj Tiesto-perfect, perfect set! never heard any other trance set better than that! and even the opening of the set was just perfect!thats all, all of you that were there know exactly what i mean


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Wow how many times does a party thrown this year ever bring back a review thread from their party last year?!! haha did that make any sense?? well...relive, revive!

ecstasy riot

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by PaRtYKiD:
I try to make the reviews as accurate as possible. I sometimes step on peoples feet in the process. But I want to get out reviews that are the truth, not politically correct.</font>

why is there 2 threads for this anyway?
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