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Wintergalactic 2001

Metal Morphosis

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Well, what can i say that hasn't already been said?
Twitch summed it up perfectly by saying that we must truly learn how to appreciate the Toronto party scene as I too witnessed the NYC party chaos on Thursday at the Tunnel.

I had the BEST time at this party. The vibe was spot on - huge smiles everywhere, big difference compared to the party peeps in NYC.
Music was phenominal - I witnessed Gene, Tiesto and was glad I stayed for Orkidea's set. We will definitely see more of this guy. It was nice to get to know him on a personal level during the trip to NYC.
Unfortunately, i wasn't able to dance a whole lot - not because of the sheer number of people but because I had done myself in dancing to Sean Cusick for 2 hours and John mother fucking Digweed for 6 and 1/2 hours on Friday night at Twilo. 8 hours on the dancefloor - my back is still paying for it.
Saturday was not only one of the best nights of my life but this was one of the best weekends - considering NYC etc.

Nick and Andre - i'm so pleased with the majority of the posts. You now know that all of your hard work has paid off. I can only hope other promoters take your lead and stop turning raves into cash cows.
The Wintergalactic team had one vision in mind - make the ravers happy - at any cost - and that you did.


i'd like to also shout out to all the wicked people i met on the NYC trip:

Voytek (AT-AT) - you crack me up and thanks for the CD
Evan and Nick (dazed and Twitch) - thanks for being great roommates - too bad i never did sleep in that bed
Joey - what more can i say? you're awesome
Popsicle Pete and Rowena - you guys are too cute
Peter and Shan - thanks for the corner of the bed in the early hours of Friday morning
Tony (Mercury) - thanks for sticking it out with me at Digweed (well at least until 6), hopefully we'll party again soon in London
Red - i'd love to see some of those pics
Heather and Melia - you guys rock - hope to see you again soon.

Nick - (deacon) you are awesome. Mad props to you for putting together a trip to NYC even though you had plenty to do for Wintergalactic.

Sorry for the long post - i just feel i need to express myself thoroughly.
Oh - and sorry for any folks i may have forgotten, i'm still a little tired.



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by SUNKIST:
hey e-tard...put enough smilie faces in your post?.....hehe

ok so now i'm gettin in shit for being too happy? damnit u just can't please people these days



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WOW! after 22 hours of sleping and an hour of class today...i think i need some more sleep.
wintergalactic was an amazing nite for me. ive never been to an all trance party and am so glad this was my first being that it was so good. after our long and crazy nyc trip this sure finished an awesome weekend. it was great meeting everyone in ny....and our sketchy friday mission....head count?? 1,2,3 ok good we can go now.
the only ppl i didnt run into at wintergalactic were the makeup ppl??? thanks for doin all that when we didnt even get to do the show.
well my body is still aching and i am unable to walk up stairs for some reason...thanks for the awesome weekend sonic state
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Cheer Bear

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by OTIS:

I felt kind of bad for him cause it seemed like 75 percent of the people there came to only see Tiesto, and because of that the place went from rammed to 30 percent capacity within a half hour of Tiesto finishing. I left at that time too catching Coast 2 Coast's "Home" on the way out. Nice evening topper.

Thank god I left before I heard that or I would've cried like a baby. Tiesto played my list I gave him at Tower records and I got teary eyed. Home was #2 on that list. God I love that track.

I owe Twitch a bum squeeze.(I'll get you for that)

I owe Klubmasta Will a drink (cause I couldn't find him until he was leaving)

I owe Satori another smooch.

I owe Marty a big joint...

I owe Angie all my love forever for making this one of the best weekends of my life.


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It was a great night, my 3rd of back-to-back clubbing so I was pretty burnt and didn't dance as much as I would have liked to. It was fantastic to be back in TO, after all the crap that I witnessed at Tunnel, NYC just 2 nights before.... yay TO! yay home!

Gene Carbonell was on before Tiesto and he did a fine job of warming the crowd. The crowd was in a frenzy just before Tiesto came on and the pyrotechnics were impressive! He played a variety of styles and I really enjoyed the last hour of hard tunes. The highlight of the set for me was when he dropped Graham's "Airtight", and I suddenly had energy to dance!
Orkidea did very well, he played Limelight on Sunday for the afterparty and he tore there apart too! A sweet, humble guy, I hope he visits again soon.
Also good was the 2nd room after 7, and did anyone else catch the insane electric violin act in the chill-out room?

Thank you SO much to all at Sonic State for this fantastic party, and especially to Nick, Joey and Mark for taking care of us all in NYC, they lost so much sleep and went out of their way to ensure that we had a good time. YAY!
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by addicted:

all i want to know is..
who was the female house dj in the small 19+ room with the cool shirt?she was awesome!

That was AMG!!! she's awesome...check out her bio on the wintergalactic website.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">
Will we ever be able to find this set anywhere? I mean, you can't bring Tiesto to Toronto and not record his set. If anyone ever hears about where I could get it, or even hear it again, PLEASE let me know.
I'd contact Andre through the wintergalactic website to see if ehy will be selling copies of his set.



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Woke up around 9am from a rude wake up call
, went back to sleep, then headed out.. After clearing the shelves at the LCBO of lots more Rev for the day, we headed back to the docks.. it was so awesome being in Toronto all day, surrounded by fellow
buffalo people, all working hard to transform the Docks into something else, transform it into a whole new environment, change the atmosphere - and a damn good job was done.. being in a city that many of us
love for many reasons, it was awesome to be able to sort of give something back I guess.. once the party was in full force it was almost magical.

The chill out tent was simply amazing.. Original Recipe played from like 10pm til almost 8am or so, at times having a violin player, a guitar player, and countless pieces of equipment. The tent was filled
with tables and chairs for people to chill on, and countless bottles of rev to keep us happy. lol

The party itself was simply superb, the way the music was programmed I guess you could put it was right on.. Saint Pete opened with a Live PA of ambient/breakbeat/downtempo music, as people entered the party the music wasn't slamming, was sort of saying "hey welcome to the party, relax we'll be right
under way." From then on I just hung out in the chill tent for a while.. but Hibernate and Gene Carbonell were supposedly superb as well, Hibernate with a pounding live pa and Gene warming things up for Tiesto.

TIESTO - The man deserves all the hype that surrounded him!! It was packed, it was rammed, but it was awesome! Pure magic! Pyro, sound, lights, lasers - impressive. The amazing part was all of a sudden hearing loud chants of "TIESTO TIESTO TIESTO TIESTO"
- how often do people give that much respect to a dj by chanting his name? He deserved it! Watching him behind the decks, nothing but smiles. Signed autographs, pictures - the man is pure class. Looking out into the crowd all you could see wall to wall was
people attempting to dance with hands in the air. That was the fastest 3.5 hours of my life I think.

After his set, off to the Aqua Lounge where Buffalo's very own Viceroy was in charge of the decks.. he was superb.. the room just seemed to blow up once he started. Great job steveO!!!

After that people just started leaving in full force.. guess they're used to parties ending early and didn't know better..... after recovering from Tiesto in the chill tent for a while, headed back inside where
Jupiter July One was SUPERB!!! From 8-9:45ish he was right on keeping those left in the building dancing strong. Progressive/epicish hard trance to keep the
hardcore partiers on there feet...

The last record finished. Everyone cheered. Grabbed our free sunglasses at the door, and looked around for anyone left....

Grand Prize winners of the weekend goto Penny and I for being the only ones to make it til 10am (of everyone we went with)!! Went to Tim Hortons with Kathy, Constance, and Michael til 1pm to hang out and chat.. made it back to the hotel.. chilled all day..

got home to buffalo around 9pm.. basically
slept til Tuesday morning.

holy fuck what a weekend!!

next up.... Xotec and Subsonic Chronic!! And possibly Jimmy Van M or Gatecrasher on Friday night. wOw!

So who else made it til the end?

Ms. Fit

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yeah i was in the same boat as pete on saturday, i was very sulky and withdrawn at that party..not in the right mind frame, if it had been any other party i would have had a shitty time, but because the quality of wintergalactic was high, i still managed to enjoy myself

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I had one of the best weekends of my life.

I won't comment to much on the party itself as I don't think I could add too much that hasn't been mentioned already. That was an amazing production. Now on to the NY trip.

I must say I was a bit nervous hopping on the bus to NYC on Thursday morning, considering that I didn't really know anyone else going. After a few of my buddies backed out on me, I debated whether or not I should go alone. I can't really express how happy I am that I decided to go. As if hearing Digweed and Tiesto in one weekend wasn't enough, I also had the privledge of getting to know some of the most wicked people. There are really too many to mention, and I'm sure I would miss some if I tried to list them, so I won't even bother. But, thank you all for an awesome weekend. Especially Nick, you went way above and beyond what you had to, to accomadate me. And for that I am very, very thankfull. I hope to be seeing much more of you guys in the (near) future.



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Can someone please comment on the visuals in the ambient tent please? I was unable to make it out to the party and my friend was running the visuals.

I keep missing shows that she works at! Damn freezing rain kept me from driving into Toronto from Kitchener.

I'd appreciate some comments.

Jay K.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ecstasy riot:
Alright, to all the people saying it was such a great night. What kind of drugs were you on, and why didn't I get some?</font>
Sorry, I wasn't on any drugs ... but I liked the music, and the people that were there made all the difference.

-- Jay aka Fut


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ecstasy riot:
Alright, to all the people saying it was such a great night. What kind of drugs were you on, and why didn't I get some?</font>
I was on Rev.. and.. umm.. i think some other stuff

But I swear i was sober when i was tellin u how good u looked

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by futronic:

Hibernate was up next, performing a live P.A. that was truly amazing. They started off their set and had four ladies up on stage performing some interpretive dance, which was pretty cool. I was right up front for the whole set, shakin’ my ass to some crazy beats. I thought the video they showed was pretty sweet too. Why can’t they show videos like THAT on TV here? I’m sure as hell that they do in Europe.

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the video premiere of Tranz-Canada too! A lot of work was put into it by Director Rob Pilichowski and Oz Films. Unfortunately, it won't get much play on the music video stations over here. Like you said, in Europe this kind of music gets good exposure, but not here. There's only one
program on MuchMusic that features electronic music: R U Receiving, which airs at 11PM ET on the first Friday of each month.

If you want to see the video again you can email: ondemand@muchmusic.com and rur@muchmusic.com to request 'Tranz-Canada (video mix) by Hibernate' or you can check out a lower quality version of it on our website (it'll be up in a few days)

DJ Entity

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What can I say? Where do I start?
My week began with 40 others adventuring into New York. Even though parts of our road trip was a pretty bad, the good definately out-weighed the bad. I have never met such a wicked group of people and was very greatful
that I had the chance to learn about each and everyone of them who certainly had so much to offer. Thanx Tony, Malia, Heather and everyone else. (We aplogize that some things did not turn out as expected)

Wintergalactic was by far the best event I have ever been too and I want to thank Andre, Nick, Trish and everyone that worked hard to make this celebration so so memorable. As everyone is aware the production was outstanding. It was actually very overwelming. The docks was transformed into a winter wonderland. The music was rocking!!!

Saint Pete- Always amazes me how good he is.
Great to hear him venture into more of a progressive sound. Saint Pete is on the rise and ready to explode. Look out.

Hibernate- Surpassed my expectations. Their live P.A of Techno and trance was sweet. I have never heard them play techno so it was very nice. And them ending their set with their own track "Trance Canada" really proved to T.O that they are heading in the right direction. Great job guys.

Gene Carbonell- This Sonic State resident never disappoints me. Smooth mixing of great progressive tracks.

TIESTO- I wont even bother to expalin, everyone knows how outstanding he was. What really caught my attention was he was so in tuned, flashing many of his well knows smiles to the crowd, waving his hands in the air as people went balistic to his bulid ups and break downs. Tiesto is GOD!

Orkidea- I have never met such a great person. So kind and down to earth. Absolutely no ego. You would never know he was an international DJ. Had the pleasure of hanging out with him for several days and listening to his many produced tracks. This man is a genius. His set was great. I really did feel bad that people did not give him a chance to display his skills. But hell, I enjoyed it so I didnt lose out. I am certain in a few years his name will also be household like Tiesto, so look out.

Jupiter July One- I love this DJ, His hard progressive sound always makes me move. His mixing was so clean and even though the nite ended with him he was one of my highlights for the nite.

Nuff respect also to those in the aqua lounge. Especially Viceroy (you can really put on a show, so into the music)
Warrick and AMG. Many people were asking about you guys. Wicked sets!

Thank you everyone for a unbelievable week.
Cant wait till next year!


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Thank you, everyone for making this one of the most memorable events ever held in T.O!! We all worked very hard to make everyone happy and comfortable once they were inside. Sorry about the line, pyro had some dificulties setting up and instead of running the risk of burning the place down, we had to delay entry. It made us feel bd because of the disgusting weather.

Metal detectors: I, we, are very very very pissed off. We requested them repeatedly, recieved confirmation they would be there, and payed for them, but they never were there. Man, we are extremely pissed off! High Profile strike one!
We are sorry, and next time this will NOT happen! We even had the petition there to support the cause! Sheesh.

Crowd: We want unity of scenes at all out events. Gino's, Gay's, Raver's, Clubber's, everyone. That is what makes a party great, everyone being tolerant and caring for each other. There were no problems, no violence, no OD's, nothing! It was an amazingly tidy event and the eclectic mix of crowd defintely inspired that! Let's all be patient and sensitive to people around us, we are all united by the music, and a common love for each other. It was a very spiritual evening, very uplifting and warm. Uplifting vibe!

Everyone there made the party as good as it was, the vibe, the music, the production, every aspect elevated by all of you. This was an experience that we all will never forget, and I am already counting down the days until next year!!

Tiesto will be back this summer sometime, in a VERY different context. Don't ask, just let it be a surprise. Peace everyone, I'll write more when I recover. Thank you again! PEACE



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by DJ Entity:
Nuff respect also to those in the aqua lounge. Especially Viceroy (you can really put on a show, so into the music)
Warrick and AMG. Many people were asking about you guys. Wicked sets!


Thanks Joey...you rocked as well! Not many dj's can get me shakin to house beats, but you sure as hell did! Keep up the good work man, I look forward to the next time we can hang out!



<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Respect:
Pretty good, he was... ranged from epic to technoey at times.

But it was Viceroy (sp?) in the smaller room who knocked me out - pure anthems that had the tight crowd positively eating out of his hand!
Steve-o!!! People like you!! See, which mean that you should come up to TO and spin more often. Sorry, I had to bail in the middle of your set. Next time play my song...grr...great job Steve-o.
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