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Wintergalactic 2001

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by ThePlunger, Feb 25, 2001.

  1. ThePlunger

    ThePlunger TRIBE Member

    Wow, what a strange evening. Got there at 11pm. line-up took approx, 20mins. Holy f*ckin coat check line. My friends and I just took turns wandering around for the hole hour it took. Music is pretty sweet so far. Gene Carbonell - nice. Wasn't inside for all of his set but it sounded sweet.

    Tiesto - mediocre ( god I hate saying that because he's one of my fav's.) Played some stuff I haven't heard before, but, also a couple of tracks I've heard way too many times before (think: its on MC Mario's new Comp. - Ya, that bad!). Just before I left (about 5:35am), He was throwin down some nice tracks, but alas, I need sleep. I think I saw some tribers there but I don't really know any of you ( I was the dude by the left front speaker with orange pants, grey hooie, white visor, dancing tiredly). Hope everyone had a blast,


  2. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    ^^^^matt, i think i was right beside you for a long time. i was wearing a baby blue dress, short dark hair and was with a tall guy in a blue ball cap.

    anyoo. all i gots to say right is that was fucking FUN. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    sleep now. words later.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    damn that party rocked!

    Respect to the Sonic State crew for putting together a spectacular event! After 2 days of binge drinking in NYC, I wasn't sure if I would be able to handle another night of Madness... I was wrong. I partied even harder than I did the previous two nights! All around an amazing event, and so it's the best party I've been to this year.
  4. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    i saw mcbee without her backpack!!!!!!!

    ... ok i have to start sketching..i'll write later..

  5. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

    he played cloudwalking - 'nuff said [​IMG]
  6. ThePlunger

    ThePlunger TRIBE Member

    Ok. First post was a little incoherent and drunk. Wintergalactic was awesome! Great crowd, the Docks looked fantastic, huge licensed area, good music. I think expecting Tiesto to play a "less cheesy" set was naive, but he did drop some incredible tracks. I have no business complaining about anything about last night. [​IMG] [​IMG]



    ~~~I thought I recognized you mcbee, just didn't wanna be - "hey are you that girl?" Talk to ya next time!
  7. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    shh...don't tell anyone. it was only for a second, i felt so off balance i had to put it back on!! [​IMG]

    matt - you shoulda been 'that guy' and come say hi. i'm pretty nice [​IMG] next time for sure!

    i'll still need to collect my thoughts before my real review. later....
  8. tobywan

    tobywan TRIBE Member

    HOLY SHIT!!! Tiesto delivered THE best set I've ever heard in my life! From start to finish, he had the crowd in his hands. I have to say that that's the best party I've been to for awhile, and the crowd kicked ass!


    P.S. Moez(Johane), I waited for you until about 12:15, then I wandered. Give me a call when you get a chance [​IMG]
  9. satori

    satori TRIBE Member

    Wintergalactic I must say was one of the best parties i've been to in a while. Although i'm not a big fan of Tiesto, the light show, fireworks, decorations, and sound made up for it. Congrat's going out to Nick and Andre for putting together one of the best productions I have yet to see. I can't wait to see what they have in store next time [​IMG]
  10. Moez

    Moez TRIBE Member

    I am so sorry.. but I got so sick before the night even began and wound up showing up at 2:00 or so.
    I will call you later today after I am further recovered!!!
  11. AT-AT

    AT-AT TRIBE Member

    HE PLAYED "MAN ON MARS"!!! 'nuff said...

    And how many djs have you seen before that had their name chanted at least three times throughout their set like he did last night?

    wicked turnout, wicked production, wicked party, that is all... [​IMG]
  12. Respect

    Respect TRIBE Member

    Pretty good, he was... ranged from epic to technoey at times.

    But it was Viceroy (sp?) in the smaller room who knocked me out - pure anthems that had the tight crowd positively eating out of his hand!
  13. Cheer Bear

    Cheer Bear TRIBE Member


    Tiesto is god. I left at 5. I would've liked to dance, but unfortunately I had to compete with drunken ginos. So I told them off and went on my way.

    This party would've sucked alot more had I not seen Tiesto earlier at Tower. I would've been REALLY disappointed. Other then that, the decorations were sweet. The rest of the party sucked.
  14. madnezz

    madnezz TRIBE Member

    ^^ *LOL* hahhahahhahaha, cheer bear, you make me laugh *L*

  15. CLiNiCaL

    CLiNiCaL TRIBE Member

    Ok, I was quite impressed last night..
    the decorations were outstanding !! I don't think I've ever seen the Docks look so good.. and the tent was a real nice touch. All in all the party went extremely well all except the swimming pool at the end of the night in the tent, but that couldn't be helped. I think having the main room, one big room, instead of seperating it was a great idea. Props to Sonic State for a wikked night... definately one of my most memorable parties...

    I'm also glad I got to talk to a couple of my friends that I've been meaning to talk to. I'm not so sure everything got solved, because alcohol has seemed to erase some of what happened last night, but I know I do feel better having talked to her now.

    Oh yeah, the fruit was a nice touch !!! Again.. thanx for a wikked night Sonic State !
  16. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    awww you mean they weren't chanting MALGLO MALGLO??? i coulda sworn.....

  17. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    oh ya..... and.. 'big ups' the massage crew [​IMG]

    .. someone broke my neon OPEN sign (flashback: barnclub) while i was off enjoyin tiesto..came back to the tables and it was on the floor, in the POND (is that safe?), with the tube and power assembly completely shattered..... oh well .. RIP.

    its all about the 2 tin REV signs i scored in the morning from the '2nd room/19+' area [​IMG]



    ^^Hey Dave...i dont believe i authorized that big up....hehe...and i want one of those signs..its all about the rev crew..we haffa stick together now that the red bull generation has descended upon us...

    This party was unbelievable...the decorations were kick ass, the pyrotechnics were a nice touch, great people, awesome music, and THREE drinking areas..nice...and of course Tiesto played an amazing set....awww yay....wikkid nite... [​IMG]
  19. Cri

    Cri TRIBE Member

    For the most part of the night I had a lot of fun!! The decorations were great, I have never seen the docks look so amazing [​IMG] A highlight of my night was getting to go up on stage and see Tiesto within 2 feet of me!! *thanx Paul**

    Futronic --> thanks for hanging out with me at the front [​IMG] How many rolls of film did you end up with?? I wanna see those pics!!

    Taleen and Greg--> Did you guys ever meet up?

    Anyways, Thanks for a great party!! [​IMG]

  20. Dj PyRO

    Dj PyRO TRIBE Member

    no complaints here, except alot of people, but i managed! too bad i had to pay 3 bucks for a big extra!
  21. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    oh pretty pretty please can i use bigups [​IMG]

    actually... i think there were 4 drinking areas... the massage booth was one big open-bar [​IMG]


  22. Cheer Bear

    Cheer Bear TRIBE Member

    [​IMG] I've never seen so many pumped up, sweaty, G'd-out, shirtless men in my life. And about 90% of them were so fucked up that they couldn't walk properly and kept hitting me. Fuck that. I wanted to dance for christs sake! [​IMG]
  23. Certainly the best production in Toronto to date! Nick, Andre and the rest of SonicState+Phlux krew - spot on!!! Very impressive.
  24. Viceroy

    Viceroy TRIBE Member

    Thank you!!! Your kind words mean more than you'll ever know. I find great happiness knowing that others enjoyed my set. Respect, email me. As far as the rest of the party goes, one word...INSANITY! Carbonell was the perfect warm-up for Tiesto, smooth melodic beats that came up outta no where to knock you out with a swift blow!...then God took stage. I don't know how anyone can look at his set as mediocre. Maybe expectations were too high for you peeps, but he exceeded every expectation that I had. Absolutely amazing, never before has a dj hit so many chords inside of me. Being able to share the experience with so many close friends made it all the better. Andre, Nick, Carmen, Laura, Trish, Bob, Keith, Erin, Joey, Gee, Steve, Seth, Bigger, Alex, Brian, Courtney, Trish, Tony, Tammy and Randy...thank you all for such a perfect memory, one that will never be forgotten.

    Much respect to SonicState and Phlux for what was the most amazing night of my life!
    Steve [​IMG]


    YES!!!!! I had to relocate sooo many times cuz sweaty, cracky, shirtless brutes kept running me over...when you weigh 400lbs, could you kindly watch where your hopping around? grr...

    Dave~ alright, you can use the big ups.. [​IMG]...ahh..yes the massage area bar...truly the greatest bar of the evening!!

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