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Windows SP1 Help Please


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I need the SP1 update to get Firewire running on my computer but f#*king Bill Gates is being a kunt about it and saying my serial's no good anymore. I don't want to re-install windows with another serial and I'm pretty sure that there IS a way to set that shit up without re-installing.

Matt (Gunark) linked me up with some astalavista business last time, but I have no idea what he did. Can anyone sort me out? I really want to make music again.


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This is a tough situation. I have been in the same boat. I might be able to send you the SP1 crack or something, otherwise I would suggest trying to find it on cracks.am or through a bit torrent site.

This can be a real pain in the ass, I know... and I don't even know if since I re-installed XP if I have done the SP1 upgrade because the system doesn't like my serial number either.

Let me know if you want to try the crack that I have, and I'll send it to you.