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Windows Moddding Resources

The Watcher

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Hey guys and gals, so I've decided to start fiddlin with my box again, and was wondering if anyone had good resource sites for doing so.

My favorite site has been down for a year now (www.deskmod.com) and since I haven't been keeping up with all this jazz, I dont know what the best site are anymore.

So please contribute if ya got anything, and if you have any tools that you find particularly cool or usefull, please add them here with a review.

Yay Geeks!


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Why skin when you can shell?

http://www.geoshell.com/ (my weapon of choice)

http://www.litestep.net/ (probably a better choice than geoshell)

http://www.astonshell.com/ (not free, but a lot of people like it enough to pay - a little more user friendly and arguably the nicest looking)

http://www.desktopian.org/bb/ (BB4win - more like unix)

If you're doing audio production or anything resource intensive, you'll definitely notice a speed increase because any of these use far FAR less resources than explorer.exe