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Windows 8.1


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Anyone else taken the plunge on this upgrade?

I have it on my main...and as for upgrade to the desktop experience, I'm finding it just a little bit snappier.

The UI is about the same, as I was totally used to the corner BS for the start screen.

Upgrading one of my secondary Media PCs as I write this and I'm hoping the media experience will be similar or better to pre-upgrade times.


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Same. Did my desktop the other night and things appear status quo. The "Start Button" that they put back is a joke though. All it does is take you right back to the Start Menu screen. The right clicking of it does have some extra options though like shutdown/restart. Search is finally fixed! Now the searches are more like Windows 7 in that they give you all the results and you just arrow down to whichever one you want. Previously it sorted them out based on some other criteria requiring an additional click to "Settings" for example.

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glych t.anomaly

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I like it ! its nice, snappy, i think the battery life on my Surface Pro improved, it fixed some issues with Bluetooth quality connectivity with my UE Boom.

and i <3 the right click start button options.

quite pleased.

PS - Fuck apple.

glych t.anomaly

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NOt as per say, its more like an Acces link. its the Windows logo in the bottom right that takes you back to your Tilles screen that allows for easy access to commonly used items that you have tiled, or the swipe to acces search etc.

but the right click functionality allows you to shut down in 2 clicks rather than 3 screens etc. and a BUNCH of other selections.
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I just upgraded my home desktop to Windows 7 from XP on the weekend... and I work in IT. :O (Really it's because I don't like to bring my work home, and upgrading my own computer is a fucking chore these days)

glych t.anomaly

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you work in IT, and upgrading your home PC is a chore....

i can do a full wipe and reinstall on a fast machine in an hour with Win7. thats programs and customization included.

the STAGGERING improvement & or XP was i could not have come even remotely close to waiting as long as you did.

do you use your computer for anything other than browsing the internet with Netscape and connecting online via AOL while loving Altavista and secretly wishing for more?

Bernnie Federko

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I moved from 7 to 8 via an online DL direct from M$, in the middle of the night blasted, sailing 4 sheets to the wind. It was super fucking easy.


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That right click in the bottom-left feature was there in Windows 8 too, they just wasted some pixel space bringing back an icon to stop bitches whining. I wish i could make it disappear. Everything else is slick, though. One nice feature you don't notice till you use it by accident is the draft feature in Mail, if you click over somewhere else to check sent-mail or whatever your draft just keeps sitting there at the top of the inbox. Super useful.