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Winamp 5

The Tesseract

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WINAMP 5... it sort of whips the llama's ass...

Winamp 5 is now available. It's so good, they decided to skip a number (4). Well... that's what they think.

While, new versions of mp3 players come as mixed blessings, often providing new features and taking away previous ones that made sense, the newest incarnation of Winamp5 is rather fast in skin rendering and mp3 loading.
While in the past, skins loaded instantly on the W2 platform, their switching in the W3 platform left much to be desired. Thanks to the open sourcing of winamp, skins have become much more complex, giving way to the annoying loads. However, W5 cuts the load time down significantly. I have yet to find out if all skins work with it (at this time, i only have MMD3 installed)
As for the mp3 loading. I don't mean the song itself necessarily, but rather the mp3 playlist loading. Before, i found that a song had to be highlighted before W3 would load it's time. W5 doesn't have that glitch anymore. It loads all the song lengths as they appear, as like the W2 platform did.

However as i said, mixed blessings.
The look of Winamp has finally changed. It no longer looks like the winamp of days gone by. The new looks is a much more crisp looking winamp, with rounded edges...(named 'Winamp Modern') as it stands, it's good enough to NOT need skins to make it look better. However, some like their skins and all skins are supposedly compatible with this new version. And for you oldschoolers that never skinned... the Classic skin does come with.
However, the pop-up menus are... ugly. basic windows 95 gray pop-up menus. This is a huge "left to be desired" feature, seeing as how the previous versions were synchronous with the natural skin of the llama.

The AVS selection once again grows to an incomprehensibly large list that has way more than anyone needs. Of course, these are all presets that are merely computer calculations, much like a fractal set, only made to pulse to music.
Other visualizations work with the new platform... that is, those that were made for W2 and W3. I usually use MilkDrop, Geiss and WildTangents... all of these work. WildTangent actually seems to work better.
Note: some WT's are buggy, so i don't suggest this headache - stick with MilkDrop and Geiss as they are proven product.
Oh yeah... don't use MilkDrop in fullscreen if you run Aston or Litestep. This isn't a W5 problem at least.

All in all, i give the new W5, 4stars (out of 5)
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