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Winamp 5 - Streaming Internet Video...


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Has anyone else noticed or used this new feature. I found it last night and its pretty cool. Watched some electronica music videos, and some radiohead stuff that was on. Most of the servers were full, but the ones that werent were serving up some quality stuff as well. ?

Are there any lists of servers out there that Nullsoft doesnt publish themselves?
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I recently upgraded to Winamp5 (from version 3, yes that's right, version 3!! I'm behind hte curve, suck it)

I love version 5. The media library isn't so useful to me yet, anybody have hints n how to use it effectively for 6500 files across 2 drives and severl folders (I'm disorganized)

I also downloaded WinAlarm, what an aswesome extension, best way to wake up!