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Winamp 5 *Released*

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winamp 5 is an extension of winamp 2 and takes away all the crap they added in 3.

I like it.. its also a much beter "media" player now.,


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they skipped 4, and tried to forget about 3 by going to 5...

it's INCREDIBLY better than b4, and I think it's likely the best MP3 player for the PC at the moment...

check it out for yourselves...


Wow, Winamp5 lets you watch free streaming porn video.

Jazzimus Prime said:

For serious.


Install and run

Alt-V to bring up Video

Click on the little picture of a TV at the bottom of the video screen, and a menu comes up

Select "Internet TV" in the left menu frame

There are at least a half-dozen "Ultraporn Test Stream" channels in the list that comes up. I was able to watch streaming movies at 150k/sec.

I searched the forums but didn't see any reference to this.

Wonder how long it will last before AOL Time Warner (owner of Nullsoft) clamps down on this.


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hmm, ive been using 5 for like months now.. but i think it was the beta prerelease or something.

it was really good.
Subscribe to Cannabis Goldsmith, wherever you get your podcasts
Subscribe to Cannabis Goldsmith, wherever you get your podcasts


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Winamp 5 I guess tried to make up for the faults of Winamp 3... (Winamp 2 + Winamp 3 = Winamp 5) Like woah...

The only new options that would make me want to upgrade from Winamp 2 would be the Global Hot Keys... I'm always wanting to change songs while using other programs/games... Without having to switch to Winamp itself...

Other than that, I see no bonus, I will still use Win Media Player to play all my movies and what not... As far as MP3's go, winamp is Quick Quick Quick...