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Win 90/2000 Partition issue

Dirt Dawg

TRIBE Member
I've done a clean install on 2000 on a 98 machine. However, the partition for 98 is still there so when I reboot it asks what OS I want to run.

How do I remove 98 from the drive without affecting the 2000 install; as I've just spent forever patching and installing new software.



Dirt Dawg

TRIBE Member
I gave it the olde tyme Fdisk... but now my 200 cd isn't autorun so I have to install 98 again then reinstall 2000...I LOVE reformatting


TRIBE Member
go out and find a cdrom boot disk that will allow you to load the drivers for your cdrom onto a DOS partition and load from there.

Loading 98, then 2000 is the very long way around and bloody painful if you have to do it more than once a century.
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