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Will this forum ever get interested people who aren't dj's, promoters or fathers?


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Well the last one was a joke but seriously are all of us 20 or so people just crazy or something?

I just sometimes find it hard to believe there are not more tribers that can be converted to the cult!
Maybe I'm just wasting breath, please someone help me the fuck out in understanding how more hip hop headz and dnb massive aren't catching da wave, feelin da vibe or riding da riddem!?

Indirectly this was yet another attempt at getting our forum closer to 4000 posts. :p We've come a long way halifax massive!
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I don't know what to say about this issue anymore really.

Other than not bothering to promote all garage events. Realising that toronto audiences like what they like, and often it appears that they like what they're friends like. So you get people just going to the same places day in, day out, b/c it's just expected.

And why d'n'b and hip hop heads aren't into the sound.... I think it's just a lack of exposure to it. Version Excursion is so awsome, blending dancehall, hip hop, candian content, and ukg all together. I wish Lee could get the show on a more high profile station.

Short of standing outside hip hop clubs and bombing CD's though, I don't know what else to suggest.

Peace Ira
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