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Will Pam turn the Junos into an anti-seal hunt rally?

Boss Hog

TRIBE Member
Or will she just rub her personality I mean tits and talk about the wonderful Canadian talent she's unfamiliar with?

Pam's stance to jar Junos?
Nickelback takes two early awards
Apr. 2, 2006. 01:00 AM

The focus is supposed to be on the Canadian music industry's success stories, but already an unlikely special-interest group is threatening to hijack the 2006 Juno Awards: Baby seals.

Pamela Anderson, the B.C.-born bombshell blonde tapped to host tonight's Juno broadcast, did as expected yesterday afternoon and used her pre-show news conference to again denounce Newfoundland's contentious seal-pup hunt.

"I don't want to take anything away or distract from the awards themselves," Anderson, a longtime spokesperson for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) who's recently added her voice to those of Paul McCartney and Brigitte Bardot in pressuring Prime Minister Stephen Harper to end the hunt. "But it's on my mind. It's bound to come up ...

"When people think of a `Canadian club,' I want them to think of a great whisky, not jerks bashing pups on the ice."

Anderson refused to rule out bringing up the seal hunt during CTV's Juno show tonight and distributed copies of a letter sent yesterday to Harper's office threatening to "escalate" her efforts on behalf of her cause.

"I'm not doing this to get attention for myself," she said, conceding that neither she nor her celebrity allies against the hunt had ever actually met with any of the hunters whose livelihood is threatened by the mounting international outcry. "People don't have to listen. I'm not gonna be preachy about it."

Her knowledge of that issue may outstrip her knowledge of music; much to the amusement of the reporters and photographers gathered at the Halifax Delta, Anderson confessed she didn't realize Juno performers Coldplay — the biggest British rock band on the planet — were Canadian. Her passion for the pups nonetheless guarantees a potentially explosive rogue element will be at play during tonight's broadcast. It will be the first licensed outside the country, and 11 international networks will be picking up the signal. "We've worked for so many years to bring the show to where we're at right now," said Juno producer John Brunton. "This is the biggest Junos we've ever attempted."

Thirty-two of the 39 awards were actually handed out last night during a gala that saw leading six-time nominees Nickelback adding two trophies — for group of the year and rock album of the year (for All the Right Reasons) — to the pile. Neil Young had been shut out of major categories, but his Prairie Wind record also logged a pair of wins for "adult alternative" album and producer of the year for one track, "The Painter."

The least surprising moment of the night came when Coldplay's X&Y and the Black Eyed Peas' Monkey Business tied for international album of the year. They're the two non-Canadian acts who will play the broadcast.

The other winners:

Instrumental album: Belladonna, Daniel Lanois.

Pop album: It's Time, Michael Bublé.

New artist: Daniel Powter.

Country recording: The Road Hammers, The Road Hammers.

Rap recording: The Dusty Foot Philosopher, K'Naan.

Vocal jazz album: Christmas Songs, Diana Krall.

Contemporary jazz album: Radio Guantanamo, Jane Bunnett.

Traditional jazz album: Ask Me Later, Don Thompson Quartet.

Francophone album: Pages blanches, Jim Corcoran.

Children's album: Baroque Adventure: The Quest for Arundo Donax, Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra.

Classical album: solo or chamber ensemble: Albeniz: Iberia, Marc-André Hamelin.

Classical album: large ensemble or soloist with large ensemble accompaniment: Beethoven: Symphonies nos. 5 et 6, Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra.

Classical album, vocal or choral performance: Viardot-Garcia: Lieder Chansons Canzoni Mazurkas, Isabel Bayrakdarian.

Classical composition: "String Quartet No. 1 (The Awakening)," Christos Hatzis.

Dance recording: "Spanish Fly," Hatira & Macca featuring Shawna B.

R&B/soul recording: "Back for More," Shawn Desman.

Reggae recording: "Reggae Time," Blessed.

Aboriginal recording: Hometown, Burnt Project 1.

Roots and traditional album, solo: Hair in My Eyes Like A Highland Steer, Corb Lund.

Roots and traditional album, group: The Duhks, The Duhks.

Blues album: Let It Loose, Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne.

Contemporary Christian/gospel album: Amanda Falk, Amanda Falk.

World music album: Humo De Tabaco, Alex Cuba Band.

Recording engineer: Vic Florencia, "Everyday is a Holiday/Melancholy Melody," Wikked Lil Grrrls, Esthero.

CD/DVD artwork design: Rob Baker, Garnet Armstrong, Susan Michalek, Will Ruocco for Hipeponymous, Tragically Hip.

Video: Devil's Eye, Micah Meisner, Rich Terfry for Buck 65.

Music DVD: Hipeponymous, The Tragically Hip.

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I hope all hell breaks loose, and Pam raises her arms in TRIUMPH!

btw I don't have a clue who's nominated either.

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Boss Hog

TRIBE Member
wow. Ben Mulroney and Tanya Kim. Did they want to perpetuate the Juno's reputation as CRAP or something?
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Sunshyne Jones

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Boss Hog said:
I hope something happens to make up for the fact that Coldplay is playing.

i wonder if the comment that pammy made about "i didn't realize coldplay was canadian" was actually her playing dumb but actually trying to make a comment about them playing. maybe she agrees with you boss hogg, that they shouldn't be playing 'cause they're not canadian.

i believe she's smarter than lots of people give her credit for. i think it's really fun that she's hosting! why not?

as for me, though, i don't see the big deal re: coldplay playing. canadian acts played at the brit awards ... why not the other way around when coldplay is popular here? i don't disagree - yes the junos should really showcase great canadian talent since there's tons of it, but i don't really see the issue of having bands from other places play too.
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Sunshyne Jones

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basketballjones said:
um this shti blows ass, there is a christmas record as best record....???

lmao i know! but apparently she did great versions of old standard carols, breathing new life into them or some such shit, that's what i read about her nomination for this award.

whatever! :rolleyes:

Boss Hog

TRIBE Member
Sunshyne Jones said:
i wonder if the comment that pammy made about "i didn't realize coldplay was canadian" was actually her playing dumb but actually trying to make a comment about them playing. maybe she agrees with you boss hogg, that they shouldn't be playing 'cause they're not canadian.

yeah I sensed the sarcasm as well.

A lot of these artists are really good and deserve the recognition, but it blows my mind that year after year the format of the show still comes across as cheesy.

Rex Goudie was fucking hilarious, messed up his lines then started laughing.
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TRIBE Member
She's no Alfred Einstein, but she's no moron. She's quite funny, and that takes some smarts.
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