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Wilf's & Turret For The 1st Time In The Same Week!


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Well, I did it! After goin to school up here for 3 years, I broke my own first rule and went to both my school's (Laurier's) campus bars/clubs. I never thought I would see the day, and apparently neither did anybody else at the Turret or Wilf's, because I was bombarded with waaaay more free drinks and shooters than I could handle. This alcohol stuff truly gets you drunk when consumed in sufficient quantities! I don't drink that often and was taken by surprise!

Anyway, for those K-W people who have been to these places before, I of course thought that the music was shit and getting to them both for around 9:20 - 9:30 is just waaay too ridiculous, but that is when these people go out, and if you don't follow suit, you end up waiting in line and-or never getting in.

So I finally made it to both these places, and I was impressed with the girls very much and I didn't even know half of them went to my school. Of course now at the end, in typical fashion is when I find out. As stated, the music I could do with out....I was not prepared for the myriad assault of Gypsy Kings at The Turret or Enrique Iglesias at Wilf's no matter what state I was in.

I DID learn that partying with some member sof my volleyball team is fun and that I should have done so more often...which is why to the surprise of most of you that I know I bet, I will be going to PHILTHY McNASTY's for the athletic banquet after-party tommorrow night after all. Within six days I will have entered and partaken of establishment that are so polar opposite to my character that I never though I would see the day when I enjoyed myself there. And I DID!

However, this is NOT some new trend! It is because this is the end of my days at Laurier that makes these most enjoyable, and I would probably, given the choice, never go to any of them again. But I HAD to do it once. I also went to Phil's for the first time this year too! =)

So do any current or former K-W peeps have Wilf's, Turret, Phithy's, Phil's, etc stories they want to share???

I still have never been to Fed Hall, or the Bomber either! haha! But I think THAT would be going to far!

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i have more stories than i care to share about these bars.....

four occassions forget women's names. grinded with god knows how many women and a lot of fuzzy memories.... ahhhh first year. i really didn't go out to those bars after first year. i did all the stupid shit i could have done in that first year alone. after that i threw in the towel on university meat market bars and i haven't grinded since that year..... ALWAYS a good thing


Temper Tantrum

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Shit I don't even live in Waterloo and I've been to most of the above mentioned places :D

Campus bars are fun man, within their own time and place. :cool:


PS CC arent you a hot slut?
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