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Still don't know what to think of the name yet.

My first impression is that I hate it....... but I'm gonna let it sink in a little first before I make a final judgement.

That being said, it's really about how the games end up being.
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Its pronounced "Wee"

As in the thing that comes out of your penis or vag when you piss.

I was wondering what the fall out of this was going to be like so I trucked on over to the penny arcade forums and watched as the Nintendo thread went from 20 something odd pages to 40+ in a matter of moments.

Im going to try and let it sink in but I know it will never be as cool as Revolution, or Gamecube.

Best jab at them i've seen so far as been...
Wiid- "Its what nintendo was smoking"

the games and system will still kick ass. The name though will smell like urine.
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Madden being built from the ground up by EA for Wii to make full use of the unique controller.

Check out the interview with EA (intersting tidbits about the controllers functionality)

Interview with EA


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rod_g said:
Doesn't matter what the name is, that shit will sell billions in Japan

read: nintendogs


Read : Brain Training 1 & 2 (~4.5 million copies sold in Japan)
Read : Animal Crossing (~2.5 million copies sold in Japan)