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Widescreen LCD Monitor question

Aerius Zension

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So, along with TV's is this the way the technology is shifting for computer monitors? What is the advantage of a widescreen monitor over a standard non-widescreen one? Like the 20+" ones? Won't your pictures and webpages look all wide and short?
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They could look wide and short, but the image isn't going to be distorted, because it's not streched. It would just be wider than you're used to.

Given that, you could have 2 web pages open side by side with relatively close dimensions to what you're used to.

oh toro

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pixels remain the same... nothing gets wider other than the viewing area, unless you elect to stretch your images.


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If you work in an application like Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, with a heavily 'paneled' interface, you'd have a little extra real estate for panels on the side and still have a comfortable viewing/working area. Not sure how the big 3D apps use panels, or music apps...
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I believe your video card has to be able to support the widescreen ratios, but most any video cards of the past few years will.

Widescreen LCDs are great for anything width related. Spreadsheets, music production etc... They're good for splitting two applications across and working side by side.


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Aerius Zension said:
So, ideally I could play an enormous game of Hearts, and Solitaire at the same time.

Are all computers setup to display 1680x1050 by right clicking the desktop, or is there somewhere else I should be looking? I've only seen the 1280x1024 option max.

This is what I'm lookinig at, at home

Having the wide monitor plugged in should display the wide screen resolutions.


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You can also use that widescreen LCD for watching DVDs without having those black bars on the top / bottom of the screen.

Cheap Ego

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