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Wicked Wicked Womp! Party!!!!

The Electrician

TRIBE Promoter
Well last night was another jammed and slammed WOMP! Party. Alll the Djs played wicked sets… Extra special good job to J-Mat who played a wicked set starting wilth one of my favorite artists, Safety Scissors… Next up was The Phat Conductor, and man did he ever crack out some, or I should say all gems… Good job mon frere. Then the big man Kristen S. stepped up for a refreshing breakbeat assault on the crowd. He played a nice and tight energetic hard set… and everyone was lovin’ it. Kristen S is truly one of Canada’s hidden gems. I will definitely be bringing him back. He’s better than anyone I have heard in a LONG ass time and knows how to rock a crowd. I was glad to see everyone still there at the end to… it was great to play for such an enthusiastic crowd. You were all kick ass, even the ones who were dancing too hard and making the needles skip… The basement was killer as well. Mickey D drop some serious funk… and Plastic Motive got to play a super extended set. Uncle Bobby and Surprise guest Meric took to the decks and killed it… The Dirt bike Kid played while I was playing upstairs so I unfortunately missed his awesome set im sure… Thanks for playing even though you were sick bud…

All in all… It was clearly one of the best WOMP!’s ever and it was all thanks to everyone coming out and having a great time…

Look forward to WOMP! #15.

See you soon!


Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room