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wicked Promise party last night.


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Bauhaus was finally crawling with great people last night. The roof top patio was a bit chilly, but the people just were not.
Finally another party where people smile and jump around shoulder to shoulder to keep each other warm.

Banging bass up top. Throbbing Building techno room on the inside. It was just amazing to be at. A perfect size and a perfect vibe. Where do the people come from.

Lately people just seem nicer to each other in the street and it was awesome to see everyone there just being together.

Yah!!!! More to come...



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I will say it once again and again...
THIS PARTY WAS FUN-ON-A-STICK as @m put's it..Great Music, People, Venue and Promoters!
Happy that you guys had such a great turn out!Way to go Dave, Irving and Ian! Good seeing alot of familiar faces a usual! Hopefully Promise and Building Blocks will team up for future events! For me the highlight of then evening was seeing Repair LIVE and the documentary called Spinsters!
Definately look out for these guys again, because its where its at!! Totally made my weeekend! Can't wait for the Harvest Festival the next weeekend!