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Why Was I Not Informed?


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My favourite dj releases a new album and no one told me!
Awwww ... I have to run to pick up my copy right now!


1. Galleon - So, I begin
2. Soul Du Jour - Here We Go Again
3. ATFC feat. Lisa Millett - Sleep Talk
4. IIO - Rapture (Main Vocal Mix)
5. Gypsymen - Babarabatiri
6. Crystal Waters - Come On Down
7. Simpson Tune - Bring It Down
8. The Soulchip feat. V. Scott - Let's Rock
9. Jagged Edge - Where The Party At
10. Jamiroquai - Little L (Bob Sinclar Mix)
11. Roger Sanchez - Another Chance
12. MC Mario - Freedom (Barrucco's Mix)
13. Derb - Derb
14. Nick Skitz - O Fortuna
15. Sylver - Forgiven
16. Abigail - You Set Me Free
17. Rimini Project - Sounds Good
18. Elissa - The Light (Becca Mix)



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I can't believe he didn't put that new Stevie B track that's rippin' up the Papperazzi and Pallatzo charts on the album.

-- Jay aka Fut


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Bro, that CD is Minte!

My brude, Chicho BBR'd it and threw me a copy and now it pumps my two-twelves and fucks my tweets!
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Originally posted by MalGlo
Crystal Waters lives!!!!


I remember a long while ago calling into energy 108 during the request hour, and asking for a Prodigy tune. The dude was like "We just played that". I said no you didn't I was listening from the beginning of your show. He said "uuggggg ugghhgg how bout some Crystal Waters!". I was like Crystal Waters, what the hell is that? Isn't this an all request show?
And he had the gaul to laugh at me. What a loser.

It was part of my motivation to have a radio show that didn't suck so much rancid ass.


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I think crystal springs has been handling the singing for the buck a day commercials

do you think you really want a clone?