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why tamper with the classics?


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lemon coke/pepsi
cherry mountain dew
and now tropical splash 7up

why the fuck do i keep trying these?


oh shit it's not past 5pm...this useless thread is unsanctioned. sorry

joey tell another joke.
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I actually like the lemon diet coke
I couldn't stand Diet coke until now
Now I buy it instead of regular coke for home drinking
Regular coke if out at a bar or restaurant
just thought I would share


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I bet Tropical Splash is good.

And Lemon Pepsi was tasty - but not as good as having a real lemon.

I love raspberry ginger ale too - do they still make that?
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Originally posted by JayIsBored

why the fuck do i keep trying these?


Glutton for punishment, perhaps? :D

I agree re: the lemon coke - just plain disgusting. I stick to good, old-fashioned REAL coke myself ... or better yet: Dr. Pepper! Rum 'n Dr. Peppers are yummy, yummy, yummy!


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