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Why not put your stuff in mp3


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So after a few rants I decided to state why I don't mind my stuff going out on mpeg layer 3 aka mp3. The reason is I think its like a sample of what I produce and gives an ok two demensional image of the CD. Notice I said CD as I still don't get a hard one for that medium either. I still believe as an artist that I should produce the best possible music I can. This includes sound quality, Production, and of course the meaning of why I do things.

But ya man all these groups like Outkast crying about music, and ppl stealing it, come on, this is now played out as an mp3 is not even as good as a cd. You want the best support it. I do if I like the mp3 then I will go and buy an SACD but not a shiat CD.



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Originally posted by Stormshadow
What in the hell are you going on about?

What I am going on about is artists putting out less than what I believe is optimal quality instead and crying that ppl are stealing there stuff. Yes theft is wrong and its not about that debate but rather I just was stating that some ppl want more and why would they pay for something just because its a money scam. I could explain more but i am a little tired as I just worked 100 hours or so over the last 7 days. Also excuse some of my posts if they are a bit broken cuz of that.

just an opinion