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Why is...

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I would venture a guess that because the party is a THEORY party and thus they are usually thrown in the Kool Haus/Orange Room hence the affiliation with The Guvernment.


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Yeah, that's likely it. Theory threw that Pendulum jam at Footwork as well...I wonder if Jungle @ Footwork will become a semiregular thing? I hope so, at least through the summer. It's always good for the scene to have another venue at its disposal.
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Sinister Shadow

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I do believe the two venues entered into an "agreement" many months ago. The guvernment lended their knowledge of promotion to footwork in exchange for a share of the space. Footwork gets to keep rocking what they like, and the bills get paid.

However, that's just what I'd surmised from some passing conversations.
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VinylRach said:
probably because there was only ever one visitor.

as you VERY WELL know, I go to Hotel sometimes, Footwork, Film, Venue and some others.
I'd go to your shitty places, which probably aren't shitty but it's fun to bug you, but I have no one to go with. at 28, clubber friends are dwindling down. the people I know go to the aforementioned spots.
so there.
and yes, you are still cut off.

poker face

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groovespinna said:
the guv promoting a FW event in upcoming events??

Because they are doing the long weekend parties at footwork. I guess they don't feel that they do enough parties already.
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