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why is everything with (BOO!) JEFF MILLIGAN locked??


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what the fock?

I just noticed this... Weird, eh? ch33se ch33se ch33se ch33se and then a baconpan baconpan followed closely with a :confused: :confused: :confused: and a :eek: because my canada includes Jeff.

kate manus

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Looks like the promoters who booked him in Ottawa might try to bring him back again some time this year. Someone had mentioned in the infamous review thread that he was to play a Montreal gig recently but I never heard or saw anything about it. I can't remember the last time he played here.


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Since this thread will be locked eventually, I might as well ask...

what's the scoop on the footwork gig?


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Skipper said:
he's got quite the technical rider. I can't believe he played at toi bar ;)
We spent two weeks telling lies that the booth was basically a cardboard box and fisher-price decks. When he arrived he was pleasantly surprised. It's all in the way you present it :p

Noah Pred got him the exact needles he wanted though.