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WHY is everyone so afraid to post an event review ?


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i couldn't go ... i heard they only played for an hour(ish ) ?
people were initially expecting a much longer set. then, they brought in an opener, and the 10 pm hard close at the Mod Club...wow.

Ya it was about 80 mins

Had fun tho!
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You just trashed an actual event review. They were just here you fucking idiot. Then, you spoke of Trump in said event review.
Paterson would not be impressed.
You're a sad pathetic human being, who once did some decent things on this board. Now, your lack of humor and weak attempts at sarcasm are Tribe's joke.
You're just using the Trump thread to make excuses for the fact you're not doing anything worthy with your own life. He's got more Jam than you do.
Like Trump says...Sad.

Whoa. Hang on there sport. I was being serious. I didn't attack his review I never do that. Honestly thought it was a Trump euphemism.

And I was wrong. seriously I didn't know who ORB was. Argh


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This thread is a good antidote for this thread/section/board. We should make new threads for our reviews. Not burying them here.

This readsike Sort of like reviews N/C.
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