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Why I want to party in Amsterdam


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Sensation White Edition.
ArenA, Amsterdam (July 5th 2003)


Sensation Black Edition.
ArenA, Amsterdam (July 12th 2003)


Digital Overdose, Amsterdam_ '97

Dam, I really need to embrace in this environment.
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amsterdam is FUN!!!

but money goes fast... really fast...

i spent a week there last may :: forgot my name by day 4 and had to spend a day @ the hostel sleeping :: though i can't say that i've ever seen a party like the ones above...

speedy j is from the holland... enough said for music options :D

its fun, very fun :)

and their cop cars are new vw golf gtis... :p i thought that was funny :D
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I'm going to Europe for two weeks in September.
Second week will be spent staying in hostels here, there and everywhere....

I must must MUST hear Monika Kruse, and I want to hit one of these big parties just to witness the size of it. The biggest party I've ever been to was unity! lol