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Why has the bidet not caught on in the English speaking Nations?


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Imagine for a moment that you were making a chocolate fondue and you spilled all sorts of chocolate over your hands. What would you normally do in that situation? Would you?
A) go grab some paper towel and try to wipe all the chocolate off with paper towel after paper towel or
B) Would you go and use some warm water and wash your hands clean.

I would expect 90 percent of us would say answer B. But for some reason we are still technically doing answer A everyday in north america and alot of the commonwealth nations (ie australia,UK,NZ,South Africa).

The only thing is that instead of wiping off chocolate we are wiping off feces.
No matter how many paper towels you used we all know that you could never get your hands as clean in comparison to if you just washed them.

But for some reason in our nations we still continue to use the primative toilet paper.
Continential europe, japan, korea and many other nations switched but why have we not?

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glych t.anomaly

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i had a bidet when i lived near lansdowne and bloor bout 4-5 years ago, that thing rocked :D

i wish i still had it.

the people i was renting it from had installed it, def better for the environment, hygiene.

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judge wopner

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bidet's are awesome,
up until you shit in one by accident one night when it was dark adn you were drunk and thought mabey it seemed so cold because the toilet seat was up....
at least thats what i heard from a "friend" ;)

yeah those things are dope, but we need a dual action toilet/bidet do you can do your business then bet a flossing all in one sitting.

dig this

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Bidet's only make sense... why not clean the dirtiest part of your body with water rather than paper towel?

Parts of the middle east actually have hoses in public bathroom stalls... As for that, there's a psychological hurdle one must overcome to try this.

Hi i'm God

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My inlaws had a bidet installed when the redid their bathroom.

They are nice for somethings but I dont like them for ass cleaning I prefer tp.
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i want to like them, but what do you dry your ass with after you wash it with water? i don't want to walk around with a wet asscrack.
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