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why does snow make people retarded drivers?


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I was jettin downtown in the parents car and saw 3 pileups on the way down. They all looked like the people drove TOO SLOW and then slammed into each other. One on bayview extension, another on DVP and a third downtown. I dont understand why people have to drive so defensively in toronto when it snows.

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well, generally snow makes the roads slippery.
thus, driving fast isn't the safest idea.
so people naturally develop a sense of worry and slow down.

days like that make me glad my jeep has 4wheel drive.


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snow makes me do retarded things too. i just can't help myself.


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So, you would rather people drive too aggressively when there is snow and ice on the roads. I'll admit, that alot of people really suck when it comes to driving in the winter, I was raised in the country, so I guess I had good practice and know my stopping limits etc..... but many people just seem like they are too scared, and slam on the breaks instead of stopping gradually.

I have also noticed that I have a very special car.....it's invisable!!!

"what", you say invisable!.... yes er well it must be because of the insane amount of people who turn into my lane on the highway coming from the left. :mad:
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Hawk Eye

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I was watching tv lastnight and new report came on and said that there was a 10 car pile up on the 400 in barrie. The first thing i said was "why do ppl forget to drive when it snows? The minute it starts snowing you slow down!"


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this is not a comment directed at anyone specific. but, Have you ever noticed that everyone bitches about how everyone else is a bad driver!But, never bitches about how they drive themselves.Like the comment"I'm not worried about myself, Its all the other drivers on the road!"

Shawn<---perfect driver;)


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Im not saying people should drive more aggresively during snow. BUt yesterday wasnt a snowstorm it was a snow blow. And yet these people sit on the side of the road in a pileup or drive 20kms per hour in a 70zone (like this dude on the bayview extenstion) cuz its friggin flakey.

I agree that people complain about other drivers when they suck. Sure sometimes i'm over aggresive but thats just me. At least I INDI-fucking-CATE WHEN I TURN, dont talk on a cell when I drive, and dont tailgate like these other idiots.


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people get insane as soon as a bit of snow falls. I was heading up to Collingwood a few weeks ago on a Friday night and some lady decided to stop in the middle of the highway cause she got freaked out. She caused at least a five car pile up including us! i don't get it. It's better to keep going no matter what the conditions are.:confused: