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why danny tenaglia is a god

that 420 guy

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danny tenaglia wrecked shit up this weekend in montreal at club stereo.

he began to spin at 10pm on satruday night.

the vibe was off the hook!

the venue is the best club i have ever been to.

the soundsystem puts everything i have ever heard in my life to shame.

danny played a wide variety of tunes, including slamming tech house, trance, and vocal ny house.

when we went back to stereo the next day at 3pm to recover a lost jacket, guess who was still playing?

and he yelled out over the microphone "i've just broken my record. i've been playing for 15hours and i'll play for another 15 hours as long as you people still want to dance!"

maaad respect!

who carries that many records with them to a party? danny does.

a full review later.

- that stereo supporter guy
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hahaha..... if I didn't have a vball game I would've been there too!

still a lot of people there?

coming back here soon???????????



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What words can I use to describe Montreal and club Stereo other than simply AMAZING…don't get me wrong, I represent the t-dot to the fullest, born and bread in this city which I adore but there is something about Montreal that keeps me coming back for more.

This was my second visit to Stereo in the last six months. This being their two year anniversary month they are bringing in the dopest house djs to help them celebrate. On Friday night Roger S was playing. He was alright, not my style but a smooth operator none the less. The club was full and people were jump'in well into the night.

The next night is where it all went down. Danny Tenaglia opened the club at 12am. I arrived at about 330 to a full house of partiers while Danny T rocked the joint to some tech haus. Stereo has the best sound system I have ever witnessed. While standing in the middle of the dancefloor getting blasted from all sides, you can actually talk to the person next to you without yelling or screaming. The acoustics are great. Everything from the floor to the walls to the décor has been thought out with care. The staff are cool and the atmosphere is unmatched. At one point Mr. T gets on the mic and talks to the crowd…

"…this is the best club in the country and you know it…fuck the big parties and the other venues…I am home." - Danny Tenaglia on Stereo.

Danny took us on a trip through a wide range of music which included mostly tech haus and trance with some vocal tracks thrown in on occasion. When we left at 10am the party was still going strong. When we returned at 3pm to pick up a friends coat which had been misplaced he was still going strong…15hrs later. What a madman. I thought he was hardcore with his 11 hr closing of Industry. WOW.

What more can I say about Stereo, about Montreal, and about Danny Tenaglia…except I can't wait to go back.

- halfmanhalfamazin
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Unfortunately no Nesta. And I'm kicking myself for it.

My friend who has worked at stereo since its inception said it was the greatest set he had heard there. Tenaglia went through two needles and damaged the driver for one of the main woofers; Towards the end, they also had to cut back on the lighting, so the room was virtually pitch black and jamming to the evil sounds Danny was throwing down. Must have been sick!

Par- T

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stop .... don't want to hear any more .... please don't say anything else ..... please please .....

I hate you all ..... I need to get my but to Montreal soon.


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WELL MAKE SURE YOU GUYS LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU ARE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm already HERE!!!!... so you can be my guests...



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I've never felt comfortable going to Stereo because...you know. Time for an attitude change...think its time that I start checking this place out more often.

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Originally posted by Gizmo:

17 hours and 30 minutes.

That's how long I rocked Industry On August 6th/7th. 12:30am-6:00pm.

With so many different styles, with that Harrrrrrrrrrrd bassline, talking to the crowd, with those 6+ hour sets, with that unique sound = the best dj in the world in my opinion. Can you believe people in New York get to hear him every weekend?

Thump Thump Boom,



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Danny Tenaglia is the man, hands down.

It's too bad it's taken this long for people to notice that Stereo has been the best club since it's opening...and isn't it cool that you're able to talk to the person next to you without yelling or screaming....