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Why are Toronto girls such flakes?


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Sal De Ban said:
wtf is a scene? just something else you hallucinated when you were 19. Everyone seems to know everyone a little too well. gross. creepy. hard to find a chick that hasn't done 30-40 dudes (at least). baggage galore, attention whore! Anyways I'll stay away from the crazies from now on.

Here is a typical recipe for a flake:

The last thing you want is some girl that had a lot of fun on that nasty ride called 'the scene' and had to get off feeling beaten, sore and nauseous. she doesn't party anymore, most of her friends stabbed her in the back --- and you've confused 'burnt out' with 'matured a little'

^ no that's not personal to anyone...its personal to everyone!


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lok said:
having reread some of this thread, I wonder why no one mentioned that everyone is flakier these days because the cellphone means you never have to make concrete plans.
The cellphone thing is totally true. Gawd, I hate people that can't commit to something as simple as meeting up at a bar.

"I'm like, sooooooo in-demand that I can't decide until eight minutes before the event whether I'll hit a bar with friend group A or go to a cottage with friend group B."

^^ Somewhat acceptable in high school, intensely annoying thereafter.

It's a night out, people; you're not being asked to co-sign on a mortgage.

I've had too many weekend plans scuttled due to flaky douchebaggery in the past year to let this thread go by without comment.