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Why are Toronto girls such flakes?

The Watcher

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Ok, this is an ongoing discussion I've been having with many single guy friends of mine. And this isn't about any one particular girl, but more all girls from the GTA as a whole.

I find that more often than not when I meet a girl from around here they are all excited to meet me and go out of their way to try and solicit some outting of some sort, be it a date, or a hang out session or a meetup at a club. Keep in mind I'm not the one asking for this, the girls are asking me to make plans so that whole "Maybe she's not that into you" thing can take the wayside.

So tentative plans are made for a few days from now with girl x whom I've just met, numbers are exchanged, and for the next few days you hear from said girl re-affirming the plans and momentum builds for excitement.

The closer to the actual get together date, the more unavailable the communication is, up to the day of there's no way to get in communicato with them.

Sometimes the "Something came up" or "I'm not feeling well" or "I can't make it because of *excuse du jour*", the ever so often "Oops I forgot I doublebooked myself" or "A friend needs me sorry".

Now I dont really care, it's not like I'm trying to date anyone at this time i'm more looking for some hanging out and having fun with new people, I'm not the one soliciting the get together, the girl is, but more often than not they flake out.

So... why ask me out if you're going to flake out?

I'm a nice guy and I usually give the 3 strikes your out policy, but I'm about to downgrade that policy to 2 because I have no desire to hang with flakey people.

SO... dont ask me out if you aren't committed to it.

Have you experienced this?


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I've never experienced anything like this. Then again I'm super handsome, witty, intelligent and a great cook. I'm also humble. No girl would pass up the chance to be with me.

So, sorry I can't relate.


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You must be doing something wrong. If this has happened on more than one occasion with different, non-connected women i.e. they don't know each other and couldn't have told each other about you, it's something you're doing in the time leading up to it.
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to kind of bomb your thread, but why do guys have these stupid policies about how long to wait to call?

just call, if we like you, we won't mind - just don't go all crazy on it.

also, the two strike policy is one to have, fuck three strikes; especially when you are at the beginning stages of dating - that's when people should be on their best behaviour.

i've heard the flakey girl theory from many guys i know in the city. just rememeber that we're not all flakey, and sometimes shit does happen; however if someone is breaking plans, then they should try and reschedule at that point. if they make no move to reschedule, imo - then they're not worth the effort.

also, i think flakey people are everywhere.

The Watcher

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acheron said:
maybe the more they talk to you the less they like you?
Nah, I've experienced one girl ask me out twice and flake out both times.

The first time seemed like a valid excuse but the second time was simply unavailable.

Keep in mind, I'm not asking anyone on these dates or whatever.

The only thing I could possibly attribute it to is that maybe I'm not that interested in them and that's being perceived after the original encounter and causing them to be flakes.


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Don't take it personally. Maybe you should just surround yourself with the good people that are already in your life and who are reliable to you and getting to know yourself. I suggest regular Hot Yoga sessions, bargain shopping, and taking the time to complain about your crazy boss.

wait....................wrong forum.

what I meant to say was:



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yeah, well, really it comes down to if they're not going to take the time then to heck with them. Just be glad it happens that quickly - before the first date, even. Better than than to have invested time and money and be strung along and then dropped.
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You must have a trap line set up, then this type of situation wouldnt bother you. Simply move down the line.
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the best is when they ask you to go out with them. and then, once you get to the bar/club they pick up other guys.
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Boss Hog

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the term is used loosely, but you know what I mean. Don't hang your happiness on someone else, it's a huge expectation to make.


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Boss Hog said:
poor is the [wo]man whose happiness depends on the permission of another.
Give it up, do as I say, give it up and let me have my way
I'll give you love, hit you like a truck,
I'll give you love, I'll teach you how to ....
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