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Why are people hating on the Tee Bee lp?


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...it seems like everywhere I read or everyone I talk too says how disappointing the Tee Bee lp is...I don't know...I think its quite good...perhaps not a classic...but it follows in the same lines as his recent 12"s...maybe a bit harsher at times but the attention to detail is still there even in those tracks...is this a case of building someone up and then tearing them down....its a good record!!!
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i haven't heard it yet
but i'm fuckin dying to....

i wish i played vinyl......anyone seen it on CD around here yet?


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is that the one with 'severed dream' and 'silent depth' (or something like that)? if so, i'm shocked too, cause i love those tracks.

evil homer

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never really liked much of teebee's stuff, i find there's always one or two brilliant elements but something that just ruins the track. Same goes for much of his remix work.
But i think that dimensional entity is great.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by junglisthead:
that and suv's desert rose

were quite refreshing to say the least
yeah!! someone finally agrees with me


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Like many other of my fav producers, Teebee is one that puts out tracks that I either love to death, or hate. There's no grey area. I do like most of the tracks on the Scorpion lp which is why bought it.


terrawrist III

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there's no killers on it, but I picked it up and am diggin' it!

teebee's always on top of shit and this is proof,listen to it without mixing it just sit back with a bud and listen....good stuff form our man form germany