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Why are breaks so great?


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I dont know why I like breakbeats more than any other type of music... but it really stems from the influence of my elder siblings. But in responese to the negative post below, I think it would be great for everyone to share their own appreciation of this type of music.



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^^^ I couldn't agree more! And actually I think its wikked u started this thread. I was going to post something negative back to the dude in that thread but he/she was just looking for attention.
-its the type of beats that get right into my body, therefore...
-I cant stop moving when I hear them.
Come on people! Too many of u just viewed this thread without posting.


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Breakz are the shit for so many reasons!!!!

1- the vibe is wikkid
2- the beatz are incredible
3- they make me shake my ass like nuthing else
4- along with breakz, comes with beer! :D

woohoo! i am drunk, and i love FUNKY BREAKZ!!!!! WOOHOO!!! hehe

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its a style with funky energy which aims to the future but references the past via its roots affiliations....

j bunny 2000

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A good night of breaks totally boost my spirits after a stressful or crappy week!! Somehow they always make me find energy that i didn't know i had, no other music does that to me! =)

Nice job Colm for starting something positive!!



[- FuNKtiOn -]

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beakbeat junkies unite!

I love breaks because there is a breakbeat for every occasion.
breaks have a lot of versatility; they can incorporate so many other genres, and set many moods (downtempo chillin', funky ass shakin', hip-hop bobbin').

and a crisp breakbeat can do wonders for a dance floor, as opposed to hearing a boring 4/4 beat all night.
oh, and did I mention buildups? breaks has some of the illest buildups ever created, with more sirens and booty shakin basslines that will make a room thrive for the drop.

big ups the breakbeat massif.


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werd to funktion.......builds are why i got into dance music in the first place.....something to do with all of my drunken energy :)
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They make my bum shake and my head bob... It's one of the only music genres that can get me to dance all night long as well.


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breaks make good fuck music. start off with some hip hop and move into breaks and then give that clit a couple flicks and you're golden.


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hey this is my 100 th post..
Bout frigin time... lol..
gotta celebrate..
* sits and stares at monitor *

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