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whose going to Tonic tonight...........

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by BreakzBroad, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad TRIBE Member


    Im going to be another WASTECASE tonight! haha.......only becuz it's my friend of 15yrs. bday!.....I'm only drinking for her! everybody knows how I hate drinking! ;) so whose goin'? I am missing my sweet sweet limelight..........

  2. Booty Bits

    Booty Bits TRIBE Member

    theres gonna be a whole truckload of tribe regulars there tonight i imagine.

    its the chosen destination for a certain birthday celebration.
  3. Rosey

    Rosey TRIBE Member

    i'm going.
    whose birthday?
  4. Booty Bits

    Booty Bits TRIBE Member

    its headwinds' birthday...

    i'm going cuz albert asked me to be his date,
    but i have an inkling that there is gonna be alot of tribe folk around too.
  5. AshG

    AshG Member

    yes, yes i will be there.
    there i will be.
  6. swenard

    swenard TRIBE Member

    who's there tonight?


    I might go...But, its all the way downtown.

  7. Pyrovitae

    Pyrovitae TRIBE Member

    liz or ross, call me please?

    i wanna go for like an hour or so...but i don't really know who else is going. (?)
  8. JayIsBored

    JayIsBored TRIBE Member

    liz, tribe people suck. why the hell would you want to be around them all night?
  9. R4V4G3D_SKU11S

    R4V4G3D_SKU11S TRIBE Member

    the dukes and de-koze.
    worth the drive if you ask me.

    <--not going :(
  10. Booty Bits

    Booty Bits TRIBE Member

    haha jay, name me one friend that you didn't make through the tribe board.
    i dare ya!

    so does this mean that you'll be there in all your TBK glory?

    nat, i'm at work til 8 but i will try to call you anyway :)
  11. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad TRIBE Member

    but it's all the way downtown????? *wah wah wah*.......I'm coming from Hamilton, like i always do! :D see evrybody there! i'll actually get to meet some new ppl. tonight! :D

  12. kyfe

    kyfe TRIBE Member

    I'm thinking of going out... the duke's are there tonight....all the more reason to support....homegrown talent



    i'm going
    keithator is going
    vindertron is going
    captain converto is going
    gargaevan is going
    =multicultural saturday morning cartoon family
  14. pr0nstar

    pr0nstar TRIBE Member

    Must be talking about Sunny :D
  15. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    I think tonight is call FTWT (For Those Who Tribe)....

    Can't wait!

    KYFE! PM me pronto, tonto!

  16. joey

    joey TRIBE Member

    tonic is for goons
  17. PinkAngeL

    PinkAngeL TRIBE Member

    you're a goon
  18. JayIsBored

    JayIsBored TRIBE Member

    hired goons?
  19. Cri

    Cri TRIBE Member

    That was so Joey :) I love it!
  20. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Oh, what. You're too good for us now?
  21. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    You're one to talk, Kennybear. Watch out cuz Captain Converto is going to save you from the Breeder Monsters from Planet Y.
  22. JayIsBored

    JayIsBored TRIBE Member

    yeah torontonightclubs.com have taken me under their wing.
    im going in for my gold chain fitting tomorrow night.
    the steroids are in the mail.
  23. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    You can have mine.
  24. pr0nstar

    pr0nstar TRIBE Member

    This is why you're my favourite homo!
  25. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    I knew there was an unnatural reason for those luscious flesh mountains that are your arms. *touching myself*

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