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Who's home?

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I just went to make tea.
Then I counted how many types of tea we have:
thirty four

That's, um, a lot of tea.

Oh shoot, forgot to count the orange pekoe, I guess that makes 35.
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Hawk Eye

TRIBE Member
I'm here as i was lastnight.
I wish i was home in Pickering.
Im watching Sex and the City. I actually haven't seen this episode. There are two episodes tonight. The one at 12 i've already seen. It's a funny one. Berger broke up wtih her on a post it lol
this one is a good one
oh and tomorrow night at 9pm ion BRAVO is ferris beuller's day off.

Originally posted by smile
i'm home recovering from my birthday last night.

pussy's on the way, time to bust my bday nut!
How old are ya?
What did you do?
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Hawk Eye

TRIBE Member
lol i didn't even read the second sentence.
I just saw the part 'it's my bday' or something and i posted lol

*mental note, read all post before replying* :eek:
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