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wholly line up batman


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SHURE PRESENTS om:maimi 2006

In Partnership with BPM MAGAZINE & OM RECORDS

Monday, March 27th @ Mansion

DJ’s / Performers:
Mark Farina
DJ Sneak
Colette & Heather
Greenskeepers (LIVE)
Marques Wyatt
Groove Junkies
Samantha James (LIVE)
Rithma (LIVE)
Andy Caldwell
Chuck Love
JT Donaldson
Lance DeSardi
Fred Everything
Johnny Fiasco
John Howard
J Boogie
Colossus (DJ Set)
DJ Fluid
Hosted by Alex Peace

SOUTH BEACH, MIAMI @ MANSION 1235 Washington Ave.
Capacity 2500+, 2 levels w/ 6 bars and state of the art club lighting and sound!

Admission: $ 20 in advance $TBA at the door
shure.com | om-records.com | djmixed.com | mansionmiami.com | myspace.com
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i hope that party's going for like 48 hrs, if not, that's way too much talent for two floors.