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Who wants to marry a millionaire, pt 2!!


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OK, just when I thought it was safe to sit down and watch TV....

ET aired a story on the new show, "The Bachelor." The idea is the same as Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire, but the guy gets to interact with the women from day 1. He meets them, spends time with them in groups which get progressively smaller until he finds one he wants to propose to. Then she has the option of saying no. (JUST SAY NO!)

The women come from all different backgrounds - doctors, students, one was a cheerleader....

Of course, the guy is loaded. And this time he's acceptable looking....which was expected, since they could never expect these women to want to marry someone for their personality.

This guy is really expecting to meet and fall in love with someone on the show. I believe it's 6 weeks long, but perhaps that is just the air time and not how long they actually spend together.

How can these people think that they will meet the man or woman of their dreams on this show?!?

Oh well, at least the women who dont make it have a chance at Playboy like Darva did. :eek:

Does anyone else think this is pathetic??